The BAM! Squad

Ep 12: Everyone learned not to come for Kandi's mom, food, or man this week.

on Jan 21

The 'Wives then took a group trip to a local Atlanta vineyard. (Who knew Atlanta wine was a thing?) It was quite the group between all of our beloved 'Wives, Cynthia's sister Malorie, Marlo (she's baaack!), one of NeNe's bridesmaids, and Cynthia's friend Natalie. Now you knew this would be a recipe for disaster, but surprisingly not so much a disaster as you might have thought. (Personally Kandi and Marlo being in the same room was making me INCREDIBLY nervous, as I'm sure anyone else who watched the Season 4 reunion was).

After everyone was thoroughly wined up (and props to NeNe's friend for grabbing a red wine glass right away just because it was bigger), the corks hit the fan. Kenya and Natalie got into it, with Kenya calling her marriage to Christopher a common law "gift certificate" wedding and letting rip that she had been talking smack about Todd.

At this point Natalie tried to explain that she didn't really mean he was an opportunist, but basically saying that he was an opportunist. You couldn't help but agree with Kenya's digging herself deeper motion, because you could see the fear in Natalie's eyes when she realized she was doomed, because as all the ladies seem to know, you don't mess with Kandi's mom, Kandi's food, or Kandi's man.

But Kandi actually went pretty easy on her, and in a genius move simply turned it around into, yes he's bettering himself with me because I am the bomb. Copious toasting and laughter ensued to a game well played on Kandi's part, while new comer Natalie was left to brood. But hey, at least there was plenty of wine!