Cynthia: I Applaud Kenya and Phaedra

Cynthia Bailey thinks Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore's make up was good for group morale.

Cynthia Bailey, Claudia Jordan, Demetria McKinney, Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Nene Leakes

My favorite part of the Philippines trip was when Kenya and Phaedra finally agreed to sit down like the intelligent, grown women that they are and discuss their issues. I love closure, therefore I really appreciated seeing the two ladies talk, cry, apologize, hug, and hold hands to pray. Two years is too long to hold onto energy that is toxic and negative to your spirit and soul. Sometimes you just have to let things that no longer serve you positively go and move on. I applaud both ladies for their efforts. Their gesture was uplifting and great for the morale of the group. I am happy for both of them.

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