Cynthia: I Had No Idea Apollo was Engaged

Cynthia Bailey opens up about finalizing her divorce and Apollo's girlfriend's surprise visit. How did it feel to finish your divorce?
Cynthia Bailey: It was very emotional. I felt happy and sad at the same time. I went into my marriage with a pure heart and with the best of intentions. This was my first marriage, and I wanted it to work. I know in my heart that I gave it all that I could give. So many beautiful things came out of my marriage, and I have absolutely no regrets. I did the best that I could do, and I'm good with that. Nothing is more important than my peace. I am happy to be at peace. Peter was my friend before he was my husband, and I am grateful that we are still friends. I will always love and support him. What went through your mind when Sherien walked into the OLG party?
CB: Of course, like everybody else, I was shocked to see Apollo's financee. I had no idea that he was engaged. Phaedra and Apollo are no longer together, and they have both moved on. Love is a beautiful thing, and they both deserve love. I wish Apollo the best, and I pray Phaedra finds love as well. Were you surprised when Apollo said he and Phaedra were not yet divorced?
CB: Yes, I was surprised. Phaedra told me that it was finalized.

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