Cynthia: I Totally Crashed and Burned

Cynthia Bailey won't be doing another roast any time soon. Who do you think was the best roaster?
Cynthia Bailey: Kandi and Todd had the best jokes. Kenya, Porsha, and Phaedra were really funny as well. Obviously, I was the only one that totally crashed and burned. The crazy thing is that I know so many funny things about Peter, but I just couldn't think of any of them in that moment. Clearly, out of all of my talents, I will not be adding roaster to the list! So yes, I am officially out of the roasting business until further notice! Were you surprised by Phaedra's reaction to the divorce party?
CB: I can completely understand why Phaedra didn't want a divorce party. I just can't understand why she couldn't tell Kenya how she felt. As "friends on the mend," they were in a good place to have that conversation. I didn't want a divorce party either, especially since my husband was actually with us in Hawaii. However, once I expressed to the ladies how I felt and knew that Kenya had good intentions, I just looked at it as a new beginnings/rebirth/next chapter party. It was a silly, funny party. It wasn't that serious.

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The old drama about Apollo resurfaces and may spell the end of their newfound friendship. Which divorce party game was your favorite?
CB: I thought the penis lipstick was really cute. It was a beautiful nude color. I think I still have it in my makeup bag somewhere!

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