Cynthia: I Was Grateful for the Support

Cynthia Bailey talks about opening up to the ladies about her divorce. Why did you get upset when telling the ladies about your divorce?
Cynthia Bailey: I wasn't really upset, just a little emotional. Some days it's easy to talk about my divorce, and some days it's just hard. I am trying to be as strong as I can in the situation, but I am human and also vulnerable. Was it nice getting support from all of the ladies?
CB: I was grateful for the kind words and support from the ladies. Especially the ones that are also going through a divorce or already have divorced. They can relate more. What went through your mind when Marlo asked Kandi if she was a lesbian?
CB: I was totally shocked when Marlo asked Kandi if she was a lesbian! I think any of the ladies would have been caught off guard had they been asked a question like that out of nowhere.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Does Porsha Williams Become an "Aggressive Lesbian" When Drunk?
Kandi Burruss seems to think so.
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