Cynthia: Kairo Has Modeling Potential

Cynthia Bailey shares her thoughts on Sheree Whitfield's son's model aspirations. How excited were you to get the news about your new house?
Cynthia Bailey: Noelle and I were super excited to get the news about my offer being accepted for the lake house. Although I will miss my old house and all the beautiful memories that it holds, I am excited for a new beginning in my new lake home. Do you think Kairo has a future as a model?
CB: I absolutely think that Kairo has modeling potential. I was happy to meet up with Sheree and her son to answer any questions that they had about the fashion industry. I wish Kairo nothing but success. They have my love and support. What do you think of Sheree's new "momager" role?
CB: Sheree is a good "momager." She knew to come to me for questions and advice about the modeling and fashion industry.

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