Why Does Supermodel Bella Hadid Wear a Mask While Eating These Wild Donuts?

Bella is putting a Ring on it.

If you closely follow any news related to one of these three things—donuts, supermodel Bella Hadid, or The Weeknd—then you'll be interested to know that Bella just got her hands on some very cool-looking donuts in Japan. And she somehow ate them while wearing a face mask?

Or so it appears from this Instagram, taken during Bella's Tokyo vacation with boyfriend The Weeknd. Just what are those donuts?

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One commenter points out that Bella's donut is from the Tokyo donut chain, Mister Donut. Bella hasn't yet been reached for donut confirmation, but this hypothesis is plausible becomes Mister Donut does in fact sell those wavy ring-shaped donuts, called Pon De Rings, reportedly its top seller. The company's branches aren't the only places to buy one, but seeing as Mister Donut has 1,100 stores in Japan—including near the super-funky Harajiku area of Tokyo where Bella and The Weeknd hung out—it's a fair bet. 

For some truly hypnotic donut porn, watch this guy making a Pon De Ring lookalike:

And if you're more curious about the donuts than in Bella and The Weeknd's culinary comings and goings, you might be interested to know that Mister Donuts has a fascinating backstory. It was founded by a guy named Harry Winouker in Boston in the mid-1950s, while his brother-in law and former business partner went on to found a little place called Dunkin Donuts. The Mister Donut website spins a tale of massive global success—culiminating in its now thousand-plus-store Japan presence, with plans for world domination in the works. As for Dunkin Donuts, the Mister Donuts site doesn't acknowledge the jawdroppingly massive chain except to say that Mister Donut's even more jawdropping success led to Dunkin "bowing out of the [Japan] market three years ago."

Further research (hi, Wikipedia) reveals that the same owner bought both donut chains in 1990, and the U.S. branches of Mister Donuts mostly converted to Dunkin Donuts, while Mister Donut continued its international rampage.

Oh, and what was Bella doing in that surgical mask? She and The Weeknd presumably wore those face coverings to avoid the turbo-charged metropolis's air pollution. 

Also, #fashionstatement?

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