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Seasons of Love

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Kim: My Heart Felt So Big

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Seasons of Love

Adrienne ponders the different phases of love, and gives us an update on Luna, the German Shepard.

There is so much to write about this week!

The first thing I want to touch on is that this episode really showed the many different experiences that women can have in relationships. Watching Kim as she opened herself up again to meeting someone, it was a reminder of how hard it can be to allow yourself to be vulnerable in the hope that you will be rewarded for that bravery by finding a consistent, trustworthy person with whom to share your life. Even after you find that person, it's rarely the romantic fairytale that we dream of – I think Taylor's blunt conversation with Kyle was a real eye-opener for so many women who are evaluating the trajectory of their relationship or marriage. Sometimes what we think we want doesn’t end up being what we really need, and it takes a lot of courage to dig deep and be truthful with ourselves. Of course, finding that truth is a very valuable thing – because it gives us the ability to make positive changes in our relationships, parenting style or career. I'm also a firm believer that it is never, ever too late to change things for the better. That being said, marriage is an incredible amount of work and compromise, and I know through my own experience that it is a learning process every single day. But hey, no pain no gain, right?

As you saw, Paul and I celebrated our eighth anniversary on the episode. I was surprised and delighted with how much thought and care Paul put into planning our anniversary and choosing my gift. It's a running joke in our household that we rarely buy the other something that just "works." Paul is a surgeon, and that makes him kind of a perfectionist, so there is usually something wrong with what I get him (and vice versa!).

Therefore, the gift of the beautiful German Shepherd we named Luna was an especially touching surprise. Here is where I take a very regretful deep breath - we couldn't keep Luna with us. Rest assured, we found her an amazing home with our wonderful dog trainer, who you saw in the episode, and Luna is very happy in her new, loving environment. Obviously, our kids are our first priority, and unfortunately she could not seem to get settled in a house that has three young boys running and playing at all times. Her apprehension made her unpredictable in our environment and she began to ignore the commands she had been trained to follow as a security dog. We were so happy that finding her an ideal home worked out so well, and I can promise you she is thriving with her new mom!

We've talked as a family, and we do want to bring another dog into our household in the next few months. The lifelong relationship between children and their pets is so important to me for so many reasons – pet ownership teaches children about responsibility, compassion and respect for other living things. In return, children get the unwavering love and loyalty that comes with being a good owner. It's an amazing thing to see just how much a pet can change a child's world and how deep that bond can become. I think the lesson here is to really choose a dog that fits with your environment – and this goes beyond researching for the right breed. This also means paying great attention to the unique temperament of the specific animal you choose before you choose it, and exposing the pet to the situations it will encounter in your home to see how it will react.

So yes, the dog was a great gift and she now has a home she is comfortable in. Our next canine addition will definitely be one who enjoys the noise and chaos of three active little boys!

By the way, I had SUCH a great time on Watch What Happens Live with Andy and Lance this week. They both have amazing energy and they made me laugh so much. It's been a whirlwind few days in New York, but now I'm ready to get home and catch up on some much-needed rest. I'm so tired that I'm kind of surprised that I didn't fall asleep while writing this blog!



P.S. I just want to thank you all for being so kind and honest in the comments and feedback you have been giving me through this blog. It's been very uplifting to read what you have to say and you've made blogging such a positive experience for me!

Kim: My Heart Felt So Big

Kim discusses her daughter's wedding and her special relationship with Monty.

The countdown...Less than 10 days before Christmas! I hope you are almost ready for the holiday!

This is an exciting episode for me as I share with you all a peek into one of the most important days of our lives: The day my Brookie married the man of her dreams. Brooke and Thayer have known each other since birth, it's I am truly blessed!

Kyle and Maurice's trip to Mallorca looked absolutely amazing! It looked like everybody had a great time. Yolanda always keeps her high. These situations put things into perspective for us. We love our children so much! We give me them everything inside us to make them strong young people, and at the end of the day, we can only hope that they are going to make the right choices.

It was cute watching Eileen go over her dialogue with her niece. It reminded me of my sisters and me. I was very happy to see that Lisa V. got her star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame! How exciting to see all her fans dressed in pink! She looked so pretty, and Ken couldn't have looked prouder. Congrats to Lisa V., Ken and Giggy!

One of my favorites couples is David and Yolanda. Listening to the two of them, well I just love them together and the team that they make! They support and balance each other so perfectly, and that is also what makes them such great parents!
Oh Brandi and her podcast! Filtered and unfiltered, she's so damn funny! All day long!

I had no idea he would end up giving me one of the most wonderful gifts of my entire life, our daughter Brooke, or that he would be my best friend from that day forward.

Kim Richards

You all officially get to meet Monty! I met Monty when I was 19, on a blind date. Go figure! I had no idea he would end up giving me one of the most wonderful gifts of my entire life, our daughter Brooke, or that he would be my best friend from that day forward.

We were married for a brief time, but our hearts never parted! Giving birth to our daughter, we shared a bond, but our friendship has always been so deep. We have always made being parents to our daughter a priority. Monty has always been kind of a wanderer but has stayed at my home on and off over the last 15 years. In June, Monty was diagnosed with lung cancer, and I decided it was time for Monty to move in for good. He moved in full time with me, and I fixed a room where he is very comfortable and we all feel very good knowing Monty is where he needs to be and he is in good, loving hands! As you can see, Monty and I have a great friendship! We really do enjoy each other's company, and I can't imagine my life without him. So we are not thinking that way! Positive thoughts only!

Brooke and Thayer got engaged Christmas morning 2013. One of the most exciting phone calls and Christmases ever! Their plan was a destination beach wedding in 2015, however, our plans took a shift when we found out about Monty. Of course the most important thing right then was that Brooke could have her father walk her down the aisle, and that Monty would be strong enough! Brooke knew exactly what she wanted. She and I worked non-stop with an amazing team of people! From Mark Zunino designing the most amazing dress, Petals by David flying in the most Gorgeous Flowers, Glen our caterer, and our fantastic coordinator Vanessa, we were able to do just that.

Brooke and Thayer wed on August 2, 2014. It was only our family. A very intimate, private ceremony! The most magical and special evening . I wish I could tell you what I was thinking, the flashbacks to so many memories. Brooke was radiating with joy! More joy than I had ever seen come from that little face! She looked stunning! I, too, was overwhelmed with joy. I was so grateful to see her arm and arm with her dad, walking down the aisle, to join her soon-to-be husband. When she got to Thayer, each second became more and more intense! Then she looked over and at me and mouthed the words, "I love you." I thought I was going to fall out of my chair! My heart felt so big! 

The vows, the kiss, and then they were married!

Thank you for sharing this amazing, magical, and special moment with us!


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