BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel admits that even the crew had an amazing time at the White Party.

Jan 7, 2011

Q: Curious J thanked me for my blog and thought it would be a good idea to do a whole "behind-the-scenes" episode, where various members of the crew are interviewed.

A: Bravo's never done a "behind-the-scenes" on a Housewives show, however, in 2004, I produced a show for VH1 called Bands Reunited, where we tracked down members of defunct 80s bands and tried to reunite them for one more concert. (The show happened to also be produced by Evolution Media, which produces RHBH.) We did exactly what Curious J talked about – and did a behind the scenes episode, which the fans seemed to really enjoy.

Q: Viewer wants to know what's in the fancy bags the ladies receive at fancy events?

A: Usually, it's some products of companies that are sponsoring the event. At Lisa's fundraiser in the last episode, there were Epione skincare products, a company that she's closely associated with.

Q: Miamics thinks we should put dates on the various scenes so, for example, we could know how long a Camille scene happened before her divorce announcement.

A: We do that on a rare occasion. You'll actually see it in episode 112, next week.

Q: Curious in Hawaii wants to know if Lisa and Ken own any restaurants in London.

A: Lisa and Ken owned 26 restaurants and clubs in London at one point. But today, they only own the restaurants Villa Blanca, in Beverly Hills, and Sur, in West Hollywood (which is where they dined for Pandora's birthday).

Q: What? asked exactly what is this reunion show he keeps hearing about?

A: At the end of every Housewives season, they gather together with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen (who is also an executive at Bravo) to discuss the entire season. We just filmed our reunion this past Tuesday, January 4. Pasha heard online that the reunion was "explosive" and wondered if that was true. Pasha, here's a hint: there were plenty of tears, even more arguing, a lot of laughter, and one moment of anger that was so intense it shocked us all! (One final hint…the person who got angry is the last person you would expect!) Part one of the Reunion airs, Thursday, January 27 and part two airs Tuesday, February 1.