BH Producers

Dave Rupel discusses the end of the season, and attempts to answer your burning questions, in this week's blog.

Jan 20, 2011

Question: Viewer Don’t Quit found Camille to be quite likable on Watch What Happens Live and hopes that that version of Camille is back for Season 2.

Answer: I could not agree more, DQ! The best thing about Camille’s appearance, to me, was that she had a sense of humor about herself. Nothing is more charming than that.

Similarly, when Taylor was on WWHL and a question came up about her lips, she turned the negative into a positive by slyly asking if Andy wanted to feel them, which turned into a very funny and playful moment. (Note to any potential reality stars reading this! You will be much better served if you don’t blame the editing, and have the ability to poke a little fun at yourself!)

Q: Angelanna has softened toward Camille so much that she wrote an apology on Camille’s blog and wants to make sure it’s posted.

A: I don’t post the comments to the Bravo blog, Bravo does that, but Camille has received many such similar sentiments on her blog’s comments.

Q: Alicia373 thought the scene in New York was incredibly awkward and perplexing.

A: I couldn’t agree more! For the life of me, I’ll never understand why Kelsey agreed to film with us the day of the Tonys. He had a matinee of his show, and as a presenter at the Tonys, he also had that rehearsal. He could’ve easily made a case that it would be too difficult to squeeze in shooting with us. And remember, at that time, we didn’t know that divorce had already been mentioned to Camille. But he knew. What he hoped to gain from allowing us to film, I’ll never know. But I’m sure glad he did! It’s fascinating to watch as a casual viewer, though as someone who knows Camille quite well, it’s really difficult to watch.

I do have to go on record that Kelsey was nothing but nice and professional with me. I do wish–for Camille’s sake–he would’ve handled the divorce differently.

Q: Rachel Wisdom describes herself as an introvert and praises the ladies for opening up their lives to the cameras. . .and the criticism.

A: Well said, Rachel. If you’ve been reading all my blogs, you’ll see that no one is a bigger cheerleader for the ladies than me. Opening yourself up to nationwide criticism is hard.

Q: Barb Whyer liked the photo I included and quoted Paris by calling me “hot.”

A: Well, how flattering is that?! Thanks for the kind words, but I have several–and by several, I actually mean more than ten–pounds to lose before I will feel even decent looking. (There was a reason I was standing behind Lisa and not beside her!)