BH Producers

Dave Rupel discusses the end of the season, and attempts to answer your burning questions, in this week's blog.

Jan 20, 2011

Q: Emily-Bo-Bemily, Jason B and LaLaLi wanted to know about the interviews and how often we do them?

A: During production, we try to interview each woman every other week. We would have them sit in the same pose, wearing the same clothes for three to four rounds of interviews. The reason we did this was that some people find it distracting when you have a scene and you see interview clips from one woman wearing 3 different things. Of course, I also get that it throws people to have a woman in the same outfit talking about an event before it happens and afterward. Not quite sure how we’ll deal with this issue in the future.

During the season, the interviews are conducted by my three producers, Brenda Coston, Christopher Cullen, and Larry Grimaldi. When the show officially wraps production, we continue to do occasional “pick-up” interviews, going over things we missed. (It’s impossible not to miss something, as usually Bravo has very specific questions they want answered.) During the off-season, I conduct the interviews.

Q: D Girl wants to know how many cameras we had rolling at Camille’s, specifically wondering how it was possible that we never seemed to miss a reaction shot of Camille. Plus, how did we know to leave a camera behind to shoot Camille, Allison, and D.D. after the party fell apart?

A: Camille’s dinner party was a fun night for the crew because it was one of the rare nights we had all three teams shooting the same event. That’s a great deal of camaraderie among the crew, so it was a treat that we could all be together. Three crews translates to six cameras–but that doesn’t mean we had six cameras rolling at the dinner table all at once–usually there were three to four.

The way the day broke down: A crew started the day at Camille’s to cover the party prep. B crew was in the limo with Kyle, Kim and Faye, while C crew covered the limo ride with Adrienne, Lisa and Taylor. Once at Camille’s, A crew handled the patio, B crew took the kitchen for appetizers, and then we had three and sometimes four camera coverage for the dinner. Meaning one camera focused on the Faye-Kim-Adrienne-Allison side of the table, and the second focused on the Kyle-Taylor-Lisa-D.D. side. A third camera was at the far end of the table, so that it could get wides of the whole table or push in straight to focus on Camille. So that means Camille–at the head of the table, as the party host–was on-camera the entire dinner.

The party itself lasted a good three or four hours. But because we had already been doing pre-shoots earlier in the day, we had to rotate crews to get meal breaks during the dinner. (The A crew broke for dinner when everyone was getting along fine, and were quite shocked to hear all the yelling when they came back from break.)

After the party broke-up, the three crews again split up. A crew stayed behind for the Camille-Allison-D.D. conversation, B crew got in the limo with Kyle-Lisa-Taylor-Adrienne-Faye and C crew got in the limo with Kim.

We didn’t know Kyle and Faye were going to ditch the limo with Kim, but it was always our plan to cover every moment from start-to-finish.