BH Producers

Dave Rupel discusses the end of the season, and attempts to answer your burning questions, in this week's blog.

Jan 20, 2011

Q: HousewifeFan54 understands my sympathy for Camille’s divorce, but wonders where my support is for the thousands of single mothers that don’t have Camille’s finances to make the situation easier?

A: When I blog, or answer questions about RHBH, I generally am just referring to events on the show and not discussing things in a broader context. Of course, Camille’s money will allow her to aid her kids through the divorce process in ways struggling single moms cannot. I’m from a middle class family, and my sister went through a pretty brutal divorce and I saw first-hand how much she struggled to take care of my two nieces. Happily, my sister is remarried now, but I understand your point. I think my initial sympathy toward Camille and this situation was about her kids Mason and Jude, who were seven and five when the divorce news broke. I guess my take was that they are too young to understand the money their family has and how it affects their lives. All they really wanted was for their parents to be together–and to me, that makes them like every other youngster out there.

Q: Jenn121121 loves Lisa’s sense of humor and wonders if Lisa ever pranked the crew?

A: Early on in episode 109 (Dinner Party from Hell), you see Camille calling the ladies to invite them to the party. When she called Lisa, she got her voicemail, but as you saw, Lisa has a recording on her machine that makes it sounds like she’s talking to you live, but is having trouble hearing you. It goes on for quite a while, and I can’t even begin to describe how many times I fell for that!

In episode 105 (first half of the NYC trip), the episode opens with a very early morning excursion of Lisa and Cedric going to the flower mart in downtown Los Angeles. The crew had an incredibly early call-time and rang the bell at her gate at 4 am, as they were supposed to. A very grouchy Lisa answered, chastising them, saying she was asleep and “what the hell are you doing here so early?” The crew was mortified, not knowing Lisa was, in fact, fully dressed and ready to shoot, and giggling up a storm inside.

Nothing makes Lisa happier than pulling off one of her pranks.

Q: Deerum enjoys my blog and wonders if I’d consider being a guest on Andy’s Watch What Happens Live show?

A: I will admit, I’ve enjoyed blogging more than I ever thought I would–especially love the interactive quality of answering your questions. But I think my star wattage is a little low for Andy’s show. For people who don’t read my blog, they’d be looking at me sideways, saying, “who the hell is that in the clubhouse?!”

Q: Boston Fan wants to know if we’ll find out the reason behind all the animosity between Kim and Kyle at the Reunion.

A: Boston, if you watched our season finale, you should be a lot more clued in to the underlying issues in the Richards’ sisters dynamic.