BH Producers

Dave Rupel discusses the end of the season, and attempts to answer your burning questions, in this week's blog.

Jan 20, 2011

Q: Robin Dee Cradle (funny handle!) isn’t a fan of Taylor and thinks Camille would be more well-liked if Taylor would’ve kept her mouth shut in NYC.

A: This issue is discussed at length both in the finale and during the Reunion.

Q: Droidette doesn’t understand why the Hiltons didn’t attend any of Kyle’s events this season. Does it have something to do with Paris’ career in reality?

A: To be fair to Kathy, Rick, Paris, and Nicky, RHBH was an unknown quantity when we were shooting this season. No one knew if we were going to be a great show, or a disaster. And yes, Paris is used to be the starring person in her projects, not a featured player. So her reluctance to be on camera is understandable in the bigger Hollywood scheme of things. Missing Portia’s second birthday is one thing. Portia was too young to know the difference. But it really was upsetting to Kyle that her whole family couldn’t be there to celebrate Farrah’s graduation.

Q: RHBeverlyHillsFan saw my interview in SacTown magazine and it made her tune into the show. Fan wants to know if we had a big party with the cast after we finished shooting?

A: If you saw the finale, you are aware that no one was in the mood to party at the end of that night. So no, we didn’t have a wrap party, but several months later, we did have an awesome premiere party at hotspot Trousdale where cast and crew got to celebrate together. Cameras weren’t rolling, and I have to admit, I’m kind of glad. Rumor is I may have gotten onstage and grinded a few cast members. But like I said, our cameras weren’t there, so that’s really just a rumor I can’t confirm.

Q: NEViewer wants to know if any of our single Housewives would consider being on Millionaire Matchmaker.

A: Andy suggested that to Camille when she was on WWHL. She said she was open to the idea.