Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards talks about her daughter's birthday and wanting a baby at a young age.

on Nov 4, 2010

My kid's birthdays are of course about celebrating them, but also celebrating life, family, and friends. We had the best time. Although I'm sure Portia would have been just as happy at Chuck E. Cheese.

Some answers to your questions: I use Pantene on my hair. They changed the formula recently throwing me for a loop, but I've always used their deep clarifying shampoo and heaviest conditioner. If they don't come up with one as good as the one I used to use, I may have to make my own!

My favorite make-up: Best foundation for evening: Make Up Forever High Def foundation. For day, I use Laura Mercier tinted sunblock. The best!

Lip gloss: Mac color "Viva Glam 5",  Mac color "Enchantress", Lipfusion Color "Sun"

Best mascara: Loreal Voluminous. LOVE.

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Have a fantastic week! XO, Kyle