Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa admits that sometimes hindsight is 20/20, and discuss the Taylor and Cedric situations.

on Jan 16, 2011

When I saw this week’s episode, it struck a chord in me of how real this show is.

We start in Villa Blanca on the night that Kyle and I had planned to have dinner, which is certainly a rare occasion, especially when you are married and lead such busy lives. It is not always that easy to take time out and catch up, and trying to do that in my own restaurant is a difficult task to say the very least. So we proceeded to chat and lo and behold Kyle receives a text!

I have always maintained that one of the reasons for our rapid decline as a group was the fact that Taylor had instigated the problems in New York, That never sat well with me (and at some stage later I do pull her aside). Now was I pleased when she announced to Kyle that she was coming to join us wanting to discuss her marital problems? Ummm, let me think about that for a Also Kyle warned me not to mention New York as she felt that on this particular occasion Taylor wanted to open up to us, and that it would get complicated to include the previous fiasco.

So Taylor arrives, and I sit there supremely irritated at her hand holding and giggling. I don't know maybe it was ridiculous of me to show my irritation, but there you have it. That is exactly what I mean about the reality of this show.

I like all the women, but Taylor running to Camille and repeating what Kim had said, always stayed in the back of my mind...