Brandi Glanville

Brandi discusses why she wasn't afraid to take on the Richards sisters, even on one foot.

on Oct 10, 2011

Mean Girls: Part 2!

It's official I'm traumatized! As I hobbled into game night, I had no idea that it was going to be one of the longest, most uncomfortable nights of my life. After Dana immediately let me know what designer she was wearing, I found myself one of the first to arrive along with Kyle. Given our last encounter, it's fair to say I was pretty uncomfortable. It didn't take long before the eye rolls, dirty looks, and awkward silences began. Kyle's feelings towards me were very clear and for reasons I did not know. Slowly but surely the other girls started to arrive (Thanks G-d!). I had still not met Kim at this point (neither had Dana) and as we waited for the last to ladies to arrive, Dana got the call saying Adrienne couldn't make it. My immediate reaction? Nooo! Adrienne is not only my ally, but she's also level headed and can usually take control of a situation if/when it gets out of hand.

As we waited the two-plus hours for Kim to arrive, we were sitting around having some wine (but note, there was very little food) and making uncomfortable small talk. When Kim finally arrived, the ladies all made a b-line to her and started fussing over her: fixing her hair, makeup, clothes, etc. This was my first time meeting Kim and she seemed friendly enough. She commented on my shorts (which I thought were super cute, albeit not Valentino). Once she arrived, Kim spent about 15 minutes in the bathroom and at one point Kyle joined her. By this point we'd all waited a long, long time for Kim and when she finally joined us, she was a hot mess. Even Kyle was suspicious of Kim's behavior and even took a drink of Kim's drink to make sure it was just coffee!

Game time! OK, sue me. I didn't know who Winston Churchill was (Yes, yes: England's great wartime leader. Check.). After Dana picked the teams (how coincidental: I was on a team with Kim and Kyle. Hmmm.), my teammates made it clear they were not happy with this arrangement and that they didn't like me at all. I felt totally left out and my feelings were hurt, so I told them as much. It was very childish of them to purposely go out of their way to hurt me. During our games, Kim disappeared into the bathroom on multiple occasions for long periods of time. One time, she took so long that Kyle went looking for her and was worried about what she was drinking. She even checked in with the bartender.