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So Grateful

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So Grateful

Camille reflects on the better times in this episode and shares her condolences for Taylor.

This season has started with such a sense of sadness. The passing of Russell Armstrong has deeply affected all of us. It is still hard to comprehend and difficult to talk about. All I am comfortable expressing is my sincerest condolences for Taylor, Kennedy, and the rest of the Armstrong family. In the wake of this tragedy, I ask you to remember that this entire season was filmed months ago and long before this sad situation befell my friend Taylor.

Watching this season, so far, has proven to be a task -- not so much for the viewing of my own footage, but because of the heart-breaking footage of Taylor’s struggle. That is why I am grateful that there are moments of happy, girl times like we all get to view this week at my Beaver Creek home.

I was so excited to take the girls to ski in Colorado. I wanted to share this amazing home with my friends before I put it on the market. Every time I return to visit this house my mind is flooded with the joyful memories of my children. This home was a place for family fun and togetherness. I will always treasure the memories of these family outings.

I enjoyed this time the girls and was grateful that they made the journey. We had a similar purpose (to get to the bottom of the mountain). We enjoyed some stories and laughs. All of this was medicine for my soul. When I saw the last scene with Kyle and Taylor I was crushed. I am so heartbroken for her. I am reminded how fragile and vulnerable we can all be at times, and it is important to know where to turn for help.

For those of you who love homes, like I do, and are curious in knowing a little more about the house in Beaver Creek, I thought I would share a few details. I helped design this home with Eddy Doumas and Dana Hugo, the creative geniuses at Worth Interiors. We wanted to play off the natural and rustic materials of the house, so we chose to blend together a combination of warm contemporary and rustic furnishings. In order to capture our family personality, I was hoping to achieve an environment that was relaxed but still amusing. It is styled in a manner befitting a ski home but with a sense of the unexpected.