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To Be Honest

Camille explains her frustrations leading up -- and during -- Lisa's tea and discusses what she regrets about that day.

Since it was Taylor’s luncheon, it was her prerogative to invite whomever she wanted. Actually the Housewives have been together at almost every event this year. I invited all the girls to my mother's benefit for the John Wayne Cancer Institute. We usually all go as a group. I wasn't surprised that Taylor decided not to invite Lisa. Taylor had been talking about Lisa's attitude towards her. I didn't know what to expect going into the tea party, however I was pretty much pre-occupied. That week was very difficult for me because my ex-husband filed for full custody and my mind was filled with concern for my children.

For me personally it was a very emotional day so I almost didn't make the tea party. It was a tough decision for me to even drive all the way to Lisa's house. I didn't want to go if there was going to be any drama. I didn't want to be involved in any because I was going through so much of my own. But there you go, I found myself smack in the middle. It wasn't by choice.

So I already began my day feeling vulnerable. I empathized with Taylor as she explained her feelings about Lisa. Obviously she was in a lot of pain. She also discussed her situation with Russell with all the women. It was the elephant in the room. We were all trying to help our friend. Since I'm not a therapist, I'm not qualified to make any assessment of her personal life. The only thing I can offer is advice. Lisa and I and the girls had offered our help. It was a very difficult place to be in.

Kyle spoke about being put in the middle which is exactly how I felt. I was blindsided by Taylor because she brought me into an argument that wasn't mine. That was her fight with Lisa and they needed to work it out themselves. It was very unfair to include me and the other girls. When I viewed the episode and saw Taylor tell Paul that all the girls agreed to back Taylor I was shocked. Taylor never asked me to support her against Lisa. We never had that conversation. I wouldn't have agreed to it -- because I had no problem with Lisa. Lisa has been there for me. Up to the tea party, Lisa was phoning at least twice a week, checking up on me, and being very supportive knowing what I was going through with my ex.

So, as you probably noticed I was getting more and more agitated with Taylor. I had all these pent up emotions and thoughts going through my mind. I felt bad for Taylor because obviously she was upset and was going through a lot. But why did she want the rest of the girls to fight her battle with Lisa? At this point in my life, I didn't want to be involved in any of that drama. I've been trying to avoid all drama and be as fair and honest as I possibly could. I'm still working on myself.

The argument should have been just between Lisa and Taylor. If Taylor had any problems with Lisa, I think she should have pulled Lisa aside or took her for tea alone and discussed their issues. It shouldn't have been at Lisa's house during a tea party.

Lisa wanted us to defend Lisa. Taylor asked Kyle to back her. I thought, "Wow, why must we choose sides when this is not our argument?" I was an unwilling participant unfortunately. Taylor should not have put us in that position. And to say that we were all talking behind Lisa's back was, I thought, a bit catty. Obviously she was just looking for support.

The conversation turned to their relationship when Taylor left. We had talked about Russell's email earlier. What was the more powerful issue? How Taylor felt about Lisa or what was going on in Taylor's personal life? We collectively as a group were concerned for Taylor. We all discussed how to help her. We truly care about our friend. We love Taylor and wanted to do what’s best for her and her daughter and help her find the strength to move forward with her life and hopefully choose the right course of action.

Some of Taylor's stories were inconsistent which led to our confusion. It was a very touchy and difficult subject and so sad and unfortunate. All we really wanted was the best for her and to help without crossing the line.

Accusations were flying around the room. I was frustrated because Taylor basically kept accusing us of being liars and talking behind Lisa's back. When she said nobody is being honest it struck a nerve with me. I thought, "OK, you might not think everyone is being honest but who is really being honest? You're not being honest with yourself. How do we help you because I know we all tried?" Over the last year and a half we have protected her and helped her. My frustration stemmed from her blaming others when she needed to look inside her own relationship and to also realize that we were there for her. So what I said came out of that frustration.

Do I regret saying it -- of course! If only I could have broached the subject better, I would have. At the time emotions were running high. Not just with me, but Lisa chimed in too. We were so frustrated. I was truly concerned for Taylor and that's the hard part. I wanted to be there for her. I did offer that she and Kennedy could move into my home. It was very difficult. All I wanted was to help my friend.

At that time, as I stated, we didn't know the extent of what was going on. Taylor was sending us mixed messages. Now we understand, but back then none of the girls sitting in the room fully understood the situation. As I said, I liked Taylor but after my divorce we didn't hang out that often. I considered her a friend but I didn't know all that was happening in her life. I wasn't in her close circle. Also many issues in my own life kept me focused on what I had to do for myself and for my children. It’s been very hard but we are getting there.

I regret now what I said during this episode. And I apologized. I felt absolutely terrible. All I wanted to do was help my friend. It was an especially difficult episode for me to watch. I'd just rather see us celebrate one another instead of fighting.

Brandi on Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Brandi thinks the other 'Wives have major double standards, and she provides plenty of examples.

Hello Bravoistas!

It’s such a great week in California. Today I’m sunny, bright, and happy.

Just had the BEST weekend with my boys, cooked great food, met great friends, and even hung with my fave Leeza Gibbons. Super happy day today--I was nominated for a Podcast Award! The future’s so bright, I have to wear shades, but before the celebration, tonight’s blog on the latest RHOBH.

Well, you fans like drama, and you got your money's worth tonight. So let’s dive in. Tonight’s blog focus: hypocrisy and double standards.

I’m going to touch on the double standards of some of our Housewives. No need to name names. If you watch, you've already seen it. Let’s compare reactions.

Hyperbole: HORRIFIC
Jaws drop in stunned horror if I reply, ”I’ll knock your teeth out” (empty words thrown out when under verbal attack on RHOBH). Admittedly, not my greatest moment, but you try putting up with some of the “ladies” of Beverly Hills (or wherever they pretend to live). I will sincerely work on other ways to get crazy people yelling in my face to back up. Anyway, it’s called hyperbole, Kyle. Yeah, smart people know what that is. Kyle, look it up.
I mean real violence. Digging your fingers into someone’s arm to forcibly push them out of your way or grabbing for someone’s throat in anger isn’t worthy of being condemned by the same group. No mention at all. As a matter of fact, after they regrouped and arranged their group spin, it was Kim’s and my fault that Rinna is a crazy, violent person who throws dangerous broken glass in people’s faces. You women are over half a century old. Own your behavior.

Tossing an inch of wine: HORRIFIC
Tossing an inch of wine while “play acting soap opera” was worthy of pearl clutching and disgust usually reserved for when people find a mass grave. It’s called joking, horseplay, goofing, messing around. My intent was mischief. I was playing. It was misunderstood, but it’s not in the same league as violence.

Heaving broken glass at people’s faces: ACCEPTABLE
Reaching across a table to rip someone’s throat out with your nails, hurling a full drink with ice cubes in a face, and the best of all, purposefully smashing a large wine glass as hard as you can in the direction of my and Kim’s face wasn’t discussed at all. Yep. It never happened. I didn’t dig glass out of my skin, out of my ear, spend hours in the shower trying to get shards out of my hair cutting my fingers, oh, and picking it out of my clothes, so it didn’t get in my children’s laundry later on.

Notice they skate over it entirely, except to somehow shake their heads and blame Kim and me. Back at the hotel, Dr. Rinna declares us "unhappy,” instead of herself. That’s why she lost her mind when Kim hinted at her home life. Yep. Sure. Ok.

My Cursing: HORRIFIC
They act as though they’ve never heard four-letter words in their virgin lives. They “act” shocked and disgusted at all four-letter words.
Their Cursing: ACCEPTABLE
We see them use the same exact words all the time.

Adult humor at a Yo's Dinner Party by me: HORRIFIC
Get over it. I know Babyface, and he sang my joke. Ha!
Brawling at a Yo Dinner Party: ACCEPTABLE

Their Sex Talk: ACCEPTABLE.
Rinna’s “bush,” Harrys’ fascination with “bush,” her need for oral sex? Lisa V. constantly mentioning her pink pussy, her sex life, and “balls”? Cute.

Mentioning Kyle smokes weed: HORRIFIC
File under no big deal. Most people have, including the President. If you constantly refer to the truth as “dangerous,” Kyle, maybe change the way you live.

Kyle telling the world her sister is an alcoholic: ACCEPTABLE
Humiliating Kim’s children in front of the entire world. Yeah, helpful.

Let’s savor a few moments of the drama you guys like:

Kim was a cold-steel assassin. She walked in like Eastwood, armed, silent, detached, and took her seat. Then she waited. Rinna could have talked about ANYTHING in the world, but as we all know, she has nothing else to talk about. So, Kim waited. It took about five minutes. Rinna turned her gaze on Kim and started her Dr. Rinna addiction sermon for the 100th time and BAM.
Glass houses, folks. That’s all I’m saying. Glass houses.

Note Kim didn’t expose any of Rinna’s secrets. Kim only lets it be known that she COULD. All I’m saying is that if I had nothing to hide, I wouldn’t be trying to claw out someone’s throat, knocking chairs over, and breaking glasses at Yolanda’s dinner parties. Would you?

Other things you may have noticed tonight:

Eileen bent out of shape that Rinna made a peace pact with Kim. Looks like someone broke ranks to cover her ass. So, where would that leave superior Eileen if she couldn’t talk about Kim or me? Talking down to her husband? Picking a tomato? *yawn*

Kyle’s narcissism should be addressec, but I don’t have enough time. It’s a topic worthy of its own thesis. Me, my, and I are Kyle’s favorite three words, but let’s focus on tonight only. Special shout-out for not only failing to verbally defend your own sister but for not physically shielding your sister from physical, flying glass or even waiting to see if she had been hurt. 100% self-preservation in action, folks. Special mention for crying about how Rinna’s crying affected you more than Rinna. Kyle, you might be a narcissist if EVERYTHING that happens to everyone else is about you.

Lisa R. lying to everyone that “she has been very open,” and that she never talked to everyone about Kim behind Kim’s back was comedy gold. Comedy gold.

Oh, to have traveled to beautiful Amsterdam with only Yo and Kim. So much happened there that was also nice. Yolanda planned a wonderful trip. We all got to meet Yo’s mother, Ana, and brother, Leo, see her small town of Papendrecht, ride bikes, visit windmills, try incredible food, and learn more about Yo’s life before she left Holland to become a model. Yo’s brother is so smart and funny and cool, I wish you could have met him. Amsterdam is a fabulous place to visit with family and friends who really care about you. I was there 20 years ago when I was modeling in Europe and truly loved it.

The trip continues next week…

Ok, I’m going back to my sunny day, homework, my boys, and groceries.

Til next week, Bravo fans…



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