Dana Wilkey

Dana shares why she loved this episode and the scoop on her boy genius and her $25,000 sunglasses.

on Oct 3, 2011

Let me begin by saying how entertaining this week's show was for me to watch. The banter was so fun and light and I learned a lot about myself! The dress in the show did not end up being my wedding dress. I actually hired Janie Bryant from Mad Men to make me a custom one, but now that may change again as her popularity has ballooned into the stratosphere, and she does not have time anymore.

Every time I get somewhere with my wedding, I seem to have some sort of setback. Maybe it's the "force" telling me to let it go and just marry the man I love without all the hoopla. I guess because I'm a wedding planner, I want it to be a presentation of my work, as well as a celebration of my love. I was married once briefly in my early 30s, and I eloped -- so maybe a part of me stupidly feels the bigger the wedding the more likely it will work this time. Please Tweet or Facebook me if you have any vendors I should check out for my wedding. I welcome the advice!

I was surprised to see that Kyle thought our lunch was awkward. I found it really fun. I'll have to ask her about it when I see her. I am not embarrassed by my son's accomplishments. He just turned two and continues to excel in his language skills and reading. I am actually going to a French pre-school today for an orientation. As many of you know, I like to study basic Neural Science and what I found out when I was pregnant is that the brain works out like a muscle so teaching your child any language is good for them. It doesn't matter which one. I am teaching my baby Thai because Miss Sue, his beloved Nanny, and her children, Nat and Joanne, speak it fluently to him, so it makes it easy for him to learn. I have many baby training techniques using multiple resources, which I've been using to teach your baby the encyclopedia, math, or reading. ' In addition to committing "Row, row, row your boat" to memory forever, you can also include facts about the world that you struggled to learn in high school!