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About Face

Kyle discusses Estella's face lift and her split-skills.

My mother in law Estella had been considering a facelift. She is 61 years old and looks amazing. I have always been proud that she had never done anything to her face -- very rare around here. When Alexia was a little girl, she asked my mom why so many of her friends looked like cats. We all died laughing! I knew that if Estella was going to have the facelift, there was only one doctor to go to. -- Dr. Paul Nassif. He has an incredible reputation, not only for being a gifted surgeon, but for having an incredible bedside manner. I knew Estella was in good hands. When I first saw her I was shocked, to say the least.

I felt queasy and faint. When I heard her voice I became very emotional. I felt so bad that I reacted that way in front of Paul. Estella was happy and comfortable. She just looked so scary! The reason she looked like that was because of the peel she had done to her face. That is why she had the mesh over her skin. My mother-in-law healed very fast and looks amazing. I am grateful to Paul for taking such great care of her.(Editor's note: check out Paul's thoughts on Estella's surgery.)

Let's move on to the "Awkward Dinner" Yes, it really was that awkward. Taylor and I always laugh and have fun. However Russell was always difficult to get close to. Although always kind and polite to me, it was not easy to get past the things that Taylor shared with us. I am very rarely left speechless, but I honestly didn't know what to say when he started talking about Lisa. He knows we are good friends, and I didn't want this to turn in to "one of those dinners." Pandora's engagement party! I was so excited for Pandora and Jason as well as Lisa and Ken. I can only imagine how it must feel for your child to be getting married. I have been wanting another baby myself for quite some time now but figure at this point I should just wait for Farrah to have one. I will be so excited when she gets married and has a baby. I want her to take her time and enjoy being young and free, but when she is ready I will be ecstatic!

Isn't Mohamed's house out of control? It truly is spectacular. The party was a very colorful night with camels, snakes, flopping mermaids. . .by the way, WHAT was she doing? I loved watching Camille's face. "Boy, she's really. . .flopping around, huh?" SO funny! This episode made me laugh. which was a welcome change from the last episodes. There were many interesting characters there. I could not believe how much that guy looked like Dave Navarro. I was convinced this was his side job. The lady sliding down the bannister. . .was that the mermaid again? and the lady that calls her "much, much older husband" Daddy. I thought she was part of the entertainment. I think I thought I was too!

Yes, I did the splits on a table at a party. Anyone that knows me knows I love to joke around and have fun. I admit, that was typical Kyle. Would I do that at a "typical" Beverly Hills party? NO, but this was anything BUT. Lisa and I have a similar sense of humor. Even though she was yelling "Kyle, No!" she was laughing. I loved that she said she was saving her splits for Pandora's wedding. I laughed at the end when I said "Where is my husband? I'm going to get in trouble" I am fortunate that my husband likes to see me having fun and lets me be myself. Even if that means doing the splits on a table with "Dave Navarro."

Until next week. . .

Kyle: I Have Never Had Anyone Put a Hand on Me

Kyle explains what worried her most the night of the poker party.

Wow, this is a difficult blog to write. This was a horrible night made all the worse by Brandi's behavior. When I walked outside, I wanted to talk to my sister without anyone else around. I tried to walk Kim away from the cameras, as well as Brandi. Brandi was relentless. I asked her over and over again to leave us alone and let me speak with my sister privately. As Kim and I were standing by the garage trying to speak in private, Brandi grabbed both of my wrists and would not let go. I was shocked. I have never had anyone put a hand on me and honestly started to feel scared. I don't want to be overly dramatic about the situation, but Brandi is 5'10" and I am 5'2", and at this point I did not know what she was capable of, especially because she was intoxicated and aggressive.

I took off my shoes, so I could get out of there as quickly as possible. I want to say that while the physical part of this evening was very upsetting, it paled in comparison to my concern for my sister. What Brandi is so clearly trying to do to my relationship with my sister is what was upsetting me the most. We had worked so hard on our relationship and had come so far, and to see this happening had me overcome with emotion.

I just hope that Kim can see what we all saw so clearly...that Brandi's actions speak louder than any of her venomous lies.

Kyle Richards

Brandi keeps saying I'm jealous of how close they are and how she's been there for Kim. I never realized they were as close as Brandi claims, and I never knew Brandi to be there for Kim other than taking that one call that she talked about in her interview. Brandi did call me to say that Kim had called her at 2 AM in the morning. She asked me to please not repeat it, and I never did. But she went on camera letting everyone know about it. Why would she repeat that? I also never said "That's not my problem, that's just Kim." I had my hands tied as I was asked to please not repeat that this information was shared with me . Other than Brandi telling me about this one call, I have never gotten any late night calls or any signs of my sister not being OK or in danger in any way. If there was something I should have been there for, I certainly had no idea. Perhaps my sister chose not to share with me and felt comfortable sharing with Brandi. I cannot be there for something I am unaware of. If I knew of something that Kim needed me for, I would be there as I always have. There are years of history there that Brandi is not privy to, and I will never share, no matter how many hurtful lies she hurls my way.
When I watch Brandi with Kim, I see someone who is taking advantage of my sister at her most vulnerable. It's frustrating, worrisome, and hurtful that my sister cannot see this. Why does Brandi want Kim to feel that she is the only one there for her? We come from a big family that my sister has plenty of support from. People who genuinely love and care for her. Not to mention that Kim has four adult children that love and support their mom.
As I walked away from this night, I knew I would never be friends with Brandi and was scared of just how much damage she had done to my relationship with Kim. I just hope that Kim can see what we all saw so clearly...that Brandi's actions speak louder than any of her venomous lies.
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