Kyle Richards

Kyle discusses Kim's medication, excuses for missing the seance, and her thoughts on Kim's relationship.

on Nov 8, 2011

The seance! My family has been seeing Rebecca the psychic for a few years now. Rebecca has told me things that nobody could possibly know. She even told me about doing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before I was even asked to do it. She said "You're going to be doing a TV show.There will be a Lisa and a Taylor on this show. I see your sister Kim there as well." Very strange. At the time I didn't know Taylor, and only knew of my daughter's boyfriend Taylor.

She is gifted and it's fun to talk to her and ask questions. She has never told me anything scary. Although, she has warned me a couple times. Rebecca once told my husband to check his back right tire and to have it fixed right away. He looked at us and said "there's a nail in it. I haven't had a chance to fix it." Another time she told me that our daughter Alexia would be asking if she could go somewhere with a girl named Talia. She told me she wanted me to say no. I couldn't think of a Talia. Two days later Alexia called from a friend's birthday and asked if she could go with her friend Talia to the movies. I asked "who is Talia?" I had goose bumps. Alexia said "from my old school. I just bumped in to her here." Obviously, I said "No."

Anyway, I thought a seance would be fun. All the girls had been wanting to meet Rebecca. I like to ask her things about my mom and dad. Many times she will give me "messages" that leave me awestruck. When Kim said that coming to the seance was "against her religion" I thought "Are you kidding me?" Is this the same religion that lets you go to Rebecca's office for one on one readings? I know that she doesn't always love these "Girls Night Out" evenings. The last one wasn't exactly fun. However, I also feel that she is once again isolating herself. I did have to tease her a bit about this last excuse though.