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Hard to Handle

Kyle discusses Kim's medication, excuses for missing the seance, and her thoughts on Kim's relationship.

Paul's Night Of Beauty. . .I had been asking Paul about my "love handles" for quite some time. I'm not willing to be put under to get rid of them because that scares me, so this seemed like the perfect alternative -- as it was non-invasive. For the record, my hand was strategically placed (not going to lie) so the cameras and Paul could not see exactly what it looked like. In person they are far worse. Promise. My husband keeps telling me he likes them and I am not allowed to touch them. I am very grateful that I have a husband that doesn't find looking too thin attractive. Phew! I have to say, I can't give a real assessment of how it worked because I was too busy to keep going back. I am going to give it another shot though.

You saw Lisa, Adrienne, and me in the waiting room discussing Taylor and Russell. I didn't know why Lisa was making a point to say Camille wasn't friends with Taylor. I knew that wasn't true and was trying to figure out why she said that. All of us are friends. Some of us closer than others, but we are all friends with each other.

I am happy they showed Kim discussing with Paul the medication's she has been taking. I think that clears things up for some people. I didn't know exactly what she was taking, but I knew that the doctors had put her on something and I saw a difference in here -- and not always for the best. That is why I got so upset with Brandi for making that comment about Kim and crystal meth. I knew because she said that on camera millions of people would see that. I know from experience, once something is said on camera, true or false, it follows you forever. My sister Kim has struggled enough with her issues. I didn't want that to set her back. She is a strong girl but fragile at the same time. I told Kim after her visit with Paul that she had to talk to her doctor's and get that sorted out. Paul didn't feel she was on the right medication for her anxiety and didn't think it was the right combination of meds.

The seance! My family has been seeing Rebecca the psychic for a few years now. Rebecca has told me things that nobody could possibly know. She even told me about doing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before I was even asked to do it. She said "You're going to be doing a TV show.There will be a Lisa and a Taylor on this show. I see your sister Kim there as well." Very strange. At the time I didn't know Taylor, and only knew of my daughter's boyfriend Taylor.

She is gifted and it's fun to talk to her and ask questions. She has never told me anything scary. Although, she has warned me a couple times. Rebecca once told my husband to check his back right tire and to have it fixed right away. He looked at us and said "there's a nail in it. I haven't had a chance to fix it." Another time she told me that our daughter Alexia would be asking if she could go somewhere with a girl named Talia. She told me she wanted me to say no. I couldn't think of a Talia. Two days later Alexia called from a friend's birthday and asked if she could go with her friend Talia to the movies. I asked "who is Talia?" I had goose bumps. Alexia said "from my old school. I just bumped in to her here." Obviously, I said "No."

Anyway, I thought a seance would be fun. All the girls had been wanting to meet Rebecca. I like to ask her things about my mom and dad. Many times she will give me "messages" that leave me awestruck. When Kim said that coming to the seance was "against her religion" I thought "Are you kidding me?" Is this the same religion that lets you go to Rebecca's office for one on one readings? I know that she doesn't always love these "Girls Night Out" evenings. The last one wasn't exactly fun. However, I also feel that she is once again isolating herself. I did have to tease her a bit about this last excuse though.

Kim asked me to come out to her house. She said she had something to tell me. I have been wanting Kim to move closer to our family for many reasons. I think that Kim feels lonely and isolated and that being closer to her family would help. Kim passes on many family gatherings because she doesn't feel like making the drive. It's only 30 to 40 minutes but she often says it's too far. I feel that she would be happier and stronger if she were closer to us. Especially now that her kids are not home that often.

When Kim told me she was moving in with her neighbor Ken, I was so disappointed and worried to be honest. I know my sister very well. I thought that if this was someone she really cared for, we would have known about him a long time ago. I felt she was making this decision based on convenience and loneliness, which worried me and made me sad. I want the best for Kim and can't help but worry about her. I have had to take a step back from her life for many reasons. She is a grown adult and does not want me meddling in her life. Especially if I have anything negative to say. If I just smile and say everything is great. . .then we are fine. I find that very difficult to keep up.

I do not know Ken. I have heard things that put me off, however, if Kim truly is happy, I will support her. I just don't feel she is. . .

Until next week. . .XO, Kyle

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Brandi: I'm Always Here For You, Kim

Brandi focuses on the positive this week as this season's RHOBH comes to an end.

Hey Bravo Fans,

Today was a fabulous day--t was my baby Jake’s birthday. We got his favorite Oreo ice cream cake, and for our family celebration, it was perfection. I can’t believe he’s already eight. I had to hold back my tears when I realized I will never again use that number eight candle. #mommymoment

It has been a really exciting week for me. My Sonoma County chardonnay, Unfiltered Blonde, launched for pre-sales this week, and despite it being tax season, the first day alone was a huge success. Thank you! The website is up now at The creation of the wine was an incredibly long and careful process, and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of my finished product. I’m sure you're all as excited as me that this week was the FINALE episode of BATSH-- crazy RHOBH reunion. 

I could talk about the she said, she said, she said… but let’s not and pretend we did. It’s been a long season, kind of centering on one night that really isn’t worth the attention it was given. I’m tired of it, it happened several months ago, I’m sure you’re tired of it. You know why? Because it’s old news and in the PAST! 

Eileen, your house is lovely. Sorry I said otherwise for the sake of a laugh. I really like Vincent, he is super cool, your little boy is adorable, you seem like a good stepmom, and I wish you and your family the very best.

Lisa R., I really loved you on my podcast. You made me laugh and rolled with punches. I really enjoyed our interview, and I enjoyed most of the season with you. I think that’s what I’m going to take away and forget about the rest. I think sometimes you make it harder on yourself with your Twitter feed, but I’m choosing not to engage. I really liked a side of you, and you seem to have a beautiful family.

Lisa V., I had a lot of fun with you and Ken. I will always have a special place in my heart for you guys. I wish Ken the best of health and a speedy recovery. 

Kyle, best wishes on you and your family’s endeavors. My sincerest wish is that you and Kim could be as close as you ever were in the near future.

You are a strong chica and I know your family is better for it. 

Brandi Glanville

Kim, love having you as a BFF. I’m always here for you, and I hope you are always here for me. You are a strong chica, and I know your family is better for it. You are hilarious, and I love our funny talks and text-offs. Laughter is the best medicine. I heart you.

Yo, my dear, dear Yo, I will see you soon. I love you, you are so strong and so brave! I know you are going to kick Lyme disease’s ass! Anything you need, just emoji me.

I want to thank all my supporters for always being there for me regarding all of my other endeavors, including my books, podcast, Celebrity Apprentice, app, my t-shirts, and finally my WINE and for allowing me to be me.

Ok guys, this is the big week. This is the Make*A*Wish Los Angeles Walk for Wishes Walkathon. Me and the boys pledged to try to raise $15,000--I have $12,625 so far. We need $2,375 by Friday at midnight, every dollar counts. Thank you!

I heart you all!



P.S.  Here’s my Make*A*Wish YouTube video that I made in my kitchen. 

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