Lisa Vanderpump

After watching this week's episode, Lisa isn't so sure the tag of bully fits her.

on Nov 12, 2011

So it begs the question....Why would I give my friend, who is the west coast editor of US Weekly a story that we all knew to be a lie? The magazine, my friend, and I would have all looked stupid. I hate the fact that I have to defend myself against some vindictive accusation. What also irks me is the fact that my friend, the editor, knows the source and can't, because of journalistic principles, reveal who the troublemaker is. . .even to me. However, since then she can and has sworn to Kyle that I had absolutely no involvement. I just resent the fact that people can invent something and suddenly the integrity that you have worked so hard for is in question. It's one of the challenges of being on a reality show.

I was so overwhelmed with opening and designing my new restaurant, planning my daughter's wedding, writing my book, and still trying to focus on my existing businesses that I hadn't had time to socialize as much as the others.