Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa explains how proud she was of Pandora on her wedding day and how glad she is that she shared the event with the world.

on Jan 25, 2012

I wish we could have shared the entire evening with everybody, as it all went so perfectly, but you had a glimpse of what was the most beautiful evening of our lives.

Many of you have asked why Brandi wasn't there, but at that time she had never met Pandy and was only just getting to know me. And so the group was fragmented. But as you see two weeks later we reunited at Kyle's house, where it was a bittersweet meeting. I was happy to see Taylor making progress, but we were all still aware that the healing in the aftermath of something so traumatizing was a long way ahead of her.

So I leave you all still wondering how on earth, having been such a private family, this ever happened. I am in utter disbelief as I see this replayed, my daughter getting married in front of millions of people, but the feelings I have are that of poignancy, a sense of relief, and elation that I shared with you this important day.

So as we now close the book on this final chapter, I have no regrets in exposing my life once more, and I thank you the viewer, for supporting me at times when I needed it, rejoicing in the joyous moments and above all laughing with me along the way. I value your thousands of comments, on this site and via Twitter. You have been incredibly kind and I appreciate your loyalty. Always remember my mantra. . .love and laughter supersede all.

Thank you,

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