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The Wind Up

Lisa celebrates the good times of Hawaii and discusses Taylor's shocking news.

Happy new year to you all. Gosh where does time go? It seems like the weeks just fly by. . .

As we rejoin the White Party where the atmosphere had taken a serious turn, Russell and Taylor had left and Taylor was obviously in a difficult situation. She tentatively admitted to Russell that she had been indiscreet and let many of us know intimate details of their marriage. But we have to ask ourselves just how much would we admit to someone who, by their own admission, had a temper?

So the women were left to sift through the confusing details. I was honest in the fact that my opinion of Russell was formed prior to meeting him. Taylor's account of their relationship was disturbing to me. I understood Dana's point that if a friend of ours takes us into their confidence, relaying stories of abuse, my natural instinct would be to believe them. The alternative, to think they would manifest like that, I couldn't even contemplate.

I know many of you have voiced an opinion as to the validity of Taylor's claims. I understand that I for one was doubtful of many things she had said in regard to their financial situation and their lifestyle, but that is what provoked the statement "I am not masquerading as your best friend, but if you need a place to stay I am here for you."

I believed there was volatility in their marriage, to what extent I wasn't sure, but I had been privy to some of their struggles that weren't caught on camera so I knew, regardless of our less-than-smooth friendship, at some stage she might need every single one of us. That is why at the tea party her desperation for my friendship superseded all my other doubts, and regardless of anything else, I am thankful I was there for her through the situation that emerged.

The therapy scene spoke volumes to me -- the gently probing Dr. Sophy, Russell's reticence to engage, and his mentioning that respect goes a long way, but also acknowledging his anger issues. It was an extremely complicated situation that ended in tragedy. My heart goes out to his family and cannot imagine how difficult this has been for them to endure.

Anyway on a much lighter note, off we go to Hawaii for a brief respite from all the demands that I was dealing with -- my Sur project, my daughter's wedding, businesses. Ugh, I needed a few days to regroup with my husband.

We had so much fun. I felt this episode of us all together recaptured much of the tone from last year. I love to see the funny side, and Brandi was the perfect foil for my humor. She was playfully trying to wind me up, flirting with Ken, and really it was a much welcomed reprieve from all the drama we had endured. . .But it would be foolish for you to think that there was a remote possibility of this group managing to spend three days together without some sort of altercation. . .

We received the phone call from Taylor revealing that things had finally come to fruition and her marriage was over. They had separated. A sadness washed over Kyle and I, as we knew this was only the beginning of another chapter, a chapter where a little girl is in the middle of a tumultuous situation, but the one thing that is worse than coming from a broken home, is living in one, so we hoped that Taylor had ultimately made the right decision.

So there we have it. As we leave us in the midst of our tropical paradise with many issues unresolved. Where was Kim? Was my husband going to get lucky and jump on my bones?

Well you will have to wait and see. Thank you for following our journey. I love hearing your comments and once again a happy and prosperous new year, remembering my mantra. . .love and laughter supersede all.

Love always Lisa.

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Kyle: Kim and I Will Never Agree on This Matter

Kyle clarifies the Kingsley issue and responds to Brandi's most recent accusation. 

I don't want to write this blog. I didn't even want to watch this reunion, to be honest. There. I said it. But here I go....
Let's just dive right into the text message from Lisa Rinna to Kim.
I was very shocked to hear about that text. There is no excuse for that. I believe Lisa R. knows that. I can understand Kim being upset about that. I am sure she was taken aback, as we all were when we heard it. However, I don't think Lisa Rinna is a dangerous person. She just made a really bad choice.

Now onto Amsterdam and the space cake talk. Brandi went after me in Amsterdam regarding the space cake, because she doesn't like me and wanted to deflect from her own behavior once again. This was her big chance to say something about me, calling me a hypocrite for not partaking in the space cake. I have said it before, and I will say it again: I NEVER said I haven't smoked pot. I HAVE. It's just not my thing. I have a lot more fun having a few margaritas. Kim knows that. I would have appreciated her chiming in there. Also, I have NOT eaten a pot brownie or a space cake ever, and my husband had warned me that it would not suit me well, knowing my personality. You cannot gauge exactly what you're ingesting, and it wouldn't be smart. I didn't want to have a bad experience and "freak out," so to speak. Brandi herself wasn't partaking, because of her own reasons (which had to do with her divorce, as she explained), so wouldn't that make her a hypocrite then? WHY did she care if I did or did not choose to? Because she wanted to jump at the chance to make me look bad, since her behavior and her drinking had been front and center. Her drinking was out there, because she puts it out there, and she has nobody to blame but herself. If I HAD chosen to eat a space cake, she would have jumped on that, too. Anything to divert from her own actions which she was comparing to ours. All of us may have a few drinks, but NONE of us behave like her when we drink.
I only address this because it was on television. Her opinion of me is completely irrelevant to me. I only cared, because I am a mother, and her trying to make me out to be something I am not is reckless, as is everything else she does.
Ok. Enough of that. She beat that non-event to death. I think we can move on now.

Now this is the hard part...Kim and I had not spoken since Nov 1st. We both knew the situation with my daughter, Alexia, and Kim's dog, Kingsley, was bound to come up at the reunion. We don't get to pick and choose what we want to talk about.
Alexia had spent the night at Kim's house on Halloween. The next morning, Kingsley bit her. While scary, at first it didn't seem that serious. However, what the first doctor failed to notice was that the tooth had pierced the bone and also broken it. Five days later, we found out that her bone was infected and she needed surgery to clean out the bone. Kim was upset, because I had posted pictures from the hospital. Like I said at the reunion, I NEVER said her dog bit Alexia. Never mentioned her OR her dog. TMZ ended up finding out that it was Kim's dog, and she blamed me, because I posted the pictures from the hospital. I did not do that to hurt my sister in any way or to "get Instagram followers," like she suggested. With all of my family coming and going at the hospital, people were bound to find out and talk.

We were all with Alexia at the hospital trying to distract her and have fun. As any mother would do. We were all trying to make the best out of a bad situation. We invited family and friends to visit and tried to keep her spirits up. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't posted that picture, but I certainly didn't mean to hurt Kim. She posted a picture when she was in the hospital this year. Yolanda and Camille have done so regularly. And where is her responsibility in all of this? However, I do feel bad about what it has led to. And I've told her that. I also felt terrible because I know she loves Kingsley, but I also love my child. It was a difficult time for all involved. I didn't blame Kim personally regarding the dog and was willing to drop it and move forward, yet she was too angry with me regarding the Instagram post to be able to do that.
I wish that since I was willing to let go of my anger regarding my daughter being bit and what she had to go through that she could have let go of being upset about the Instagram post. I HAVE to believe she knows I did NOT do that to hurt her.
For Kim to throw out that she would say something about Alexia ( like she did to Lisa R. regarding Harry ) nearly took my breath away. But her dog is off limits?
So there you have it.
I don't even know what to say or do anymore. Clearly, we will never agree on this matter. And now we have more issues to work through, like my hurt and anger over Kim threatening to say something about my child. I know she loves Alexia, and it was just her being angry and "in the moment," but it's going to take me some time to get past that. All I know is I am glad I don't have to relive all of this again on TV. Now I need to take a step back .
Hopefully, time will heal my relationship with Kim. Time and having an open and honest relationship.
It's been a very difficult season. That's for sure. Thank you all for watching.

Some things I would like to clear up:

A) I NEVER asked for Kingsley to be put down. I love all animals and know how much Kim loves Kingsley. That was never part of our argument.

B) Brooke's wedding : Brooke did a small ceremony at my sister Kathy's house (part of it aired this season), so that Monty would be well enough to walk her down the aisle. The wedding we were referring to at the reunion is her actual "big wedding " coming up. And NO, I did not do anything "unspeakable" or "unforgivable" at the wedding at Kathy's house like Brandi has (once again) put out there. It was a beautiful, perfect day that Brandi Glanville is now trying to throw negativity on. She was NOT EVEN THERE. On top of everything else Brandi has done, she now wants to turn that beautiful day that my family celebrated into something to lie and gossip about. Shame on her.

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