Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa celebrates the good times of Hawaii and discusses Taylor's shocking news.

on Jan 3, 2012

We received the phone call from Taylor revealing that things had finally come to fruition and her marriage was over. They had separated. A sadness washed over Kyle and I, as we knew this was only the beginning of another chapter, a chapter where a little girl is in the middle of a tumultuous situation, but the one thing that is worse than coming from a broken home, is living in one, so we hoped that Taylor had ultimately made the right decision.

So there we have it. As we leave us in the midst of our tropical paradise with many issues unresolved. Where was Kim? Was my husband going to get lucky and jump on my bones?

Well you will have to wait and see. Thank you for following our journey. I love hearing your comments and once again a happy and prosperous new year, remembering my mantra. . .love and laughter supersede all.

Love always Lisa.