Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 12:'s Associate Editor thinks every day is a birthday with Ace Young and the 'Wives.

Nov 21, 2011

Welcome back RHOBH fans, we return straight to the ridiculous tea party. Let's waste no time and launch right in. . .

Conflict Resolution
After Camille's big reveal, she storms out, fuming at the situation. (Lots of storming out at this party. Unfortunately this time Paul was not there to assess her face and then send her back in.) At that point Taylor and Lisa magically make up. Yup, after all that fighting, Lisa and Taylor manage to come to a consensus and agree to be friends. I have to say, I'm as surprised as Kyle. But sometimes, once it's all out thea pinky swear) everything's fine.

Here’s hoping it will just take a pinky swear to fix Taylor and Camille's friendship, but somehow I think it’s going to take more than even all 10 fingers for that.

Aside: Kim Richards is an Arabian Horse
As Kim and Ken are attempting to hang some sort of a boat/bridge sculpture, Kim explains that she can be a bit stubborn -- just like an Arabian horse. One, I was unaware that when it comes to horse breeds Arabians are the most stubborn (I would have pegged Dapples). Two, I have never met a horse that made the "horse sound" Kim did. However, as we find out later in the episode, Kim was mainly around Disney horses in her child acting days, so maybe it was some Mickey Mouse-engrained sound she was mimicking. Those horses were very method.