Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor reflects on the end of Game Night and Camille's charity luncheon.

Oct 17, 2011

Welcome back to Game Night, dear friends. We return to the living room of Dana's abode and to discussing parenting techniques, drug use, and trailer parks. Let's just dive right in. The rest of the fight pretty much speaks for itself.

Thank God for Taylor, who once again, is the a great mediator. Woman knows when "ENOUGH" is "ENOUGH" and busts up the finger-pointing and the meth mentions to prevent whatever bar room brawl may have unfolded. Frankly, I have no desire to see things come to fisticuffs with this group – particularly when it's two-on-one (though Brandi has height on her side).

At that point, Brandi decides she's going to hobble home, but unfortunately she can't find her crutches. Why is that? Oh right, because Kim hid them. Did anyone else feel like they were watching an episode of Blue's Clues? I was so nervous about where the crutches would turn up. Would they be in the bathroom? Under the pool table? Hidden behind Kim's McCafe? Nope, in the end they were just behind Brandi's chair. Always the last place you look, dear.

Meanwhile, Dana attempts to mend fences with the Richards sisters by offering a "healthy, safe vacay." Have you seen the trips these ladies take Dana? That's rarely the case. Also her tête-à-tête with Kyle about all of them being "in it" together was a true delight. Oh Dana, relax a bit. Let people appreciate you for the giant domino-making woman you are.

As the gang peers out the window waiting for Brandi to pull away, Kim drops a dig at Camille that really made me laugh.

"That was really uncomfortable guys. That was too much," Camille says.

"Now you know what you put us through last year," Kim retorts.

Zing! Kim Richards doesn’t miss a beat! And kudos to Camille for just tossing her side ponytail back and laughing it off. What a champ.