Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor reflects on the end of Game Night and Camille's charity luncheon.

Oct 17, 2011

The Freshmaker
God bless Kim Richards. Isn't her breath fresh either way -- whether she using breath spray or air freshener? Who cares if it’s more of a sanitized room odor than minty, it’s better than nothing. Deal with it, world.

Unfortunately no amount of spray could freshen up the stale angst of her and Kyle's situation (see what I did there?). As the siblings head out on a road trip, we finally find out just exactly what was meant by the house stealing comment in Season 1. It seems when their mother died, her Palm Desert house was passed to the sisters, and Kim isn't pleased with the way things shook out. Not exactly someone sneaking off with a house in the dark of the night, but stealing in Kim's mind all the same.

Then when the sisters head to lunch, the nitpicking begins. Kim wants to move, but Kyle doesn't particularly approve, and we see that not all is water under the stolen house.

Later, when Kim and Adrienne take a little stroll, Kim opens up about the situation. Even if the sisters can unite against a one-legged enemy, it seems they still have a lot of work to do. Frankly, I'd like Adrienne to keep Kim walking as long as it takes to remedy the situation. Make the block a couple of times, until you find a way to heal that past. You’re both wearing jackets, you can keep trotting until nightfall or far after if that's what it takes.