Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor reflects on the end of Game Night and Camille's charity luncheon.

Oct 17, 2011

A tisket, a tasket, a tense charity Easter Basket
The ladies reunite at Camille's charity luncheon and while Camille's is stressing over her speech and Dana is procuring a new fur, Brandi and Kyle are busy ignoring each other.

Tables at those charity events are pretty big, but they're not that big. Poor Lisa attempts to break the ice, but can't find a way except to ask Brandi where she lives. Unfortunately this wasn't the dazzling conversation starter she had hoped and the rest of the luncheon is spent in stony silence, a trend that doesn't seem to continue into next week, when people get very vocal at spa day. . .

Until then, what would you have used as an icebreaker at the luncheon? Asking Brandi about her son's bathroom habits? More discussion of Winston Churchill? Leave your suggestions in the comments.