Kim Richards

Kim discusses her relationship with her sister and explains her pillow in Europe.

on Apr 6, 2013

I appreciated the friendship that I thought I had with Yolanda at the beginning, but I guess that was only one side of the person that she is! I recently heard that Yolanda insinuated that Kyle and I are desperate to get camera time! My sisters and I have grown up in front of the camera, so we are hardly desperate for that. We're not the ones leaving a treatment center to attend a reunion show.

On a happier note, I just saw Taylor and her boyfriend the other day and they both look great. I have a good friendship with her today, and I wish Taylor and her family nothing but wonderful and great things!!

To sum it up, I HAD A GREAT YEAR! My sister and I are all good. Lisa and me? Wonderful! Taylor, Brandi, and I? Super! And Yolanda? Well, I don’t think we are meant to be anything more than acquaintances. But all is good. It's been an amazing season and I've learned so much. Thank you so much for growing with me, and for all your incredible support. Thank you for being with me on this amazing journey and being a part of it with me!