Kim Richards

Kim shares why Kimberly's prom was so special and discusses Taylor's singing voice.

on Nov 20, 2012

Here we are week 3 of RHOBH! Kimberly prom has been so much fun to prepare for! When she was little I dressed her, fed her, and did her hair everyday knowing one day she would do these things for herself. So when Kimberly asked me to help her find her dress and be a part of this experience I was more than excited

When Kasey arrived I gave my input and then stepped back, allowing Kimberly her time as young lady preparing for prom, while I worked on the chicken salad and things and things and things (Haha).

Kimberly and I really enjoyed each other through this time. We were already close, but this was definitely a bonding experience! The most memorable moment: well of course when my beautiful daughter walked into the room all dressed! That face! That smile! I was speechless! My special name for Kimberly is "Magic Butterfly." When I look at her, I am sure she has wings. She is an angel.

She had a great time at the prom! Kimberly called from the limo! (Or did I call) either way she was already having fun! She and all her friend got home around 1 am. The pool was heated. They had fruit, chicken salad, and I baked some goodies. It was a success, but the best part of all was when Kimberly came in, laid down next to me, and gave me a kiss and said "Thank you for making this so special for me. I love you Mommy" I held her arms and whispered, "Thank you God." It's moments like that I will never forget. I hope she won't either!

OMG! So funny watching Kyle and Alexia in the car. It brought back soooo many memories for me as I have taught all four of mine, another bonding experience. Patience was also a number one requirement, as was humor. We laughed a lot as I saw Kyle and Alexia did as well (the best way to get thru those "Oops I hit the curb!" moments). Haha.