Kyle Richards

Kyle explains the awkward position Lisa and Adrienne put her in.

on Nov 16, 2012

In between laughing at the guys, I couldn't help but feel sad watching Paul and Adrienne. I wish so much they could have stayed together and worked things out. I imagine it must be hard for them to watch too.

Portia was so excited about her birthday! She had been asking me if there would be unicorns at her party. I had asked Glenn Schneider, who helps me with my parties, if we could get some small white ponies "dressed" like unicorns. When small brown HORSES showed up I was a bit disenchanted! We had a good laugh about that. Small brown horses with paper hats. Hmmm. . .

I invited everyone in spite of what was going on between all the girls. I know emotions run high around here, but I also know none of these women would have made a scene at a child's party. They may not ALL like each other but at worst they would just ignore that person, which we saw with Taylor toward Brandi. I find it difficult at times to be in the middle. It can be very difficult to navigate through these complex relationships.

With Lisa and Adrienne, I honestly thought they would say hello, the ice would be broken, and then maybe a conversation would spark that would lead to an end of this argument.