Kyle Richards

Kyle discusses how her store came to be, comments on Dana's behavior, and defends her sister.

on Mar 13, 2013

I was on my book tour and had a book signing in Boca Raton at a store called Alene Too. I walked in and fell in love! I said to the owners Lizzy Schwartz and Debbie Wiesman that this store was my fantasy. Every designer I love under one roof!

When I came back to Los Angeles, I decided to reach out to them and ask if they would want to be partners and open a store in Beverly Hills with me. Well, here we are! That is why the name is Kyle By Alene Too. Some just call it "Kyle" because it's easier, but that is the official name.

I am so grateful to have amazing partners, who are incredible people. They were instantly like family to me!

I love having the store and my husband loves that now my "buying" is for the store and not just my clothes. My daughters think its the most exciting thing ever! It has become the hangout for my family and friends.

I was so appreciative of all the support that night. It was a perfect evening. Having my four daughters, my husband, family, and friends all there to celebrate this special night was something I will never forget.