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No Need for Mouthpieces

Kim explains why she was so upset with Brandi and why she doesn't think Faye is Kyle's mouthpiece.

Hi! I hope you're getting off to a great week.

And what a way to start with the finale and Part 1 of two reunions! Watching last night's episode, at Lisa's home I was so surprised when I walked in and saw they were renewing their vows! It was so beautifully decorated and how gorgeous was that heart over the pool? Her home looked incredible! I felt so bad for all the drama that took place on her special night. Everybody arguing!

In regards to Faye, although I know she is a good person with a big heart, I do not feel it was appropriate to discuss this with Lisa on this particular night. Faye is the kind of person that regardless if she knows you or not she will jump in and come to your rescue. But like I said it was not right for any drama (with Brandi, Adrienne, or ANYONE for that matter) to be brought up on this evening. Many times I hear people say that Faye is Kyle's mouthpiece. And now I'm hearing that Brandi is Lisa's! I don't think either one of these girls need a mouthpiece!!! They are both STRONG women and can defend themselves! As long as I have known them they have never had a problem speaking up on their own behalf! And as for Brandi and Faye, these are two very STRONG girls as well. I don't think their own mothers could STOP them if they wanted too!

Listening to Kyle discussing Brandi and Adrienne's situation over and over I guess something happened. Something deep-rooted inside me came out and I admit I over-reacted! Once again I feel sorry because this should not have happened on Lisa's big night! It's important to know this has nothing to do with the way I feel about Brandi because we are in a good place today. However this was about me and something I needed to work on, and the relationship with my sister! I wanted her to acknowledge the pain I had been in! It was certainly not the place, but I became oversensitive. Sometimes in early sobriety certain feelings come out and trigger guilt, sadness, pain, or anger. That is what happened! And it even caught me off-guard!

My sister and I have an awesome relationship today, and if we do have a problem it's nothing we can't talk about or work through! I understand both Adrienne and Brandi, and I'm sensitive to what they are going through and what is being said about each of them! Having gone through the first two seasons with my alcoholism being in the public eye. . .I can say it certainly puts a lot of pressure on you! I think Adrienne found comfort by reaching out to her friends when coming to Lisa's. My heart broke for her when she walked in because I remember when I went through separation myself. My Babies! Sitting there looking at her I felt her pain and fear! It's like losing your best friend and the thought of having to share your BABIES? Err! I KNOW IT WELL! So scary! But for those of us who have been there, we eventually get through it just fine. We just don't know it at the time! I heard she is good now, and I also heard that Paul is doing well. That makes me happy.

It seemed at Lisa's home that night Ken and Lisa were upset with Adrienne for not saying hello, and on the other hand Adrienne was upset with them for not seeing how she was doing! I understand why Lisa was upset after Adrienne left. To go down and celebrate 30 years of a perfect marriage when our friends marriage is over?!? That's tough. But it was their day! They've earned it! They are a TEAM! They've worked hard and loved hard! And 30 years is a long time. . So CELEBRATE and they did!!

Ken looked handsome. Lisa looked stunning. We should all feel so lucky and blessed! I felt honored to be a part of such a special day!

But I have to say my favorite part was something you didn't see. When I was getting ready to leave, Lisa asked me to stay and she and Pandora sat at the piano together. Wow can Lisa sing or what!?! The two of them so happy singing with Ken walking around holding a stack of towels admiring his beautiful girls! I could see how PROUD he felt. That was a beautiful sight and my favorite part of the evening!

Well do this again soon. . Kim