Taylor Armstrong

Taylor explains how concerned she was for Kim and for Kyle during the Paris trip.

on Mar 4, 2013

I loved watching the girls enjoy Paris. The architecture and scenery made a beautiful backdrop for the fabulous getaway. Although Paris sounded like fun, I thought it best to stay home. I wanted to spend some quiet time with Kennedy and think about where I was in my healing process and what steps I needed to take to move our lives in a positive direction.

As I watched the first evening in Paris, I was nervous for Kim. As she stood on the balcony talking with Lisa, I knew something wasn't right with her. It gave me a pit in my stomach seeing her not lucid.

As I worry for Kim, I also worry for Kyle. I could see the panic on her face as she realized Kim was "off." Kyle so desperately wants her sister to succeed in her sobriety and any red flag sends fear through her. As viewers and as friends, we have only seen slight glimpses of the destruction this disease has caused Kim and her entire family. We all love Kim and want her to be healthy and happy. Any sign that she may not be on the positive path she has been on since her treatment evokes concern from everyone in the group. Kim has said that everyday is a struggle and we are all so proud of her for each day she succeeds. However, there is a long history here and its only natural that Kyle would have fears or doubts that this time the outcome will be different. The questions from the group are frustrating to Kim as she has worked so hard on her recovery but, I know the girls are coming from a place of concern not judgement or criticism.