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Kyle Doesn't Lie

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Kyle Doesn't Lie

Taylor explains her thoughts on Adrienne's cowardice, her drinking, and her new relationship.

As the reunion began, Andy dropped the news. Adrienne would not be present. Her "final act as a housewife" was not showing up. Cowardly, to say the least.

After my Season 2, there was nothing I would have liked more than to stay home during the reunion but, I went and I faced the toughest year of my life on national television. I used to view Adrienne as a strong, independent business woman, but her behavior this year proved me wrong. This is our reality but it is also a job and not fulfilling your commitment to Bravo is not the act of a business woman.

I am proud of Andy for taking a stand not only for Bravo but also for all of us who share our lives, share our "secrets" and. . .show up.

Over the weeks leading up to the reunion, Adrienne or "her people" were leaking stories that she didn't want to be a part of the show any longer mixed in with stories that she was dating Rod Stewart's 31-year-old son, of course. She has been beating Paul up in the press as well. In fact, she has been quite busy leaking stories to the press all season. There were a couple stories early in the season that were quite detailed and clearly came from inside our circle. It was no surprise that the stories were negative about 'Wives that Adrienne was having conflict with and yet her name was omitted from both "incidents." Guilt by omission, perhaps. I agree with Brandi that Adrienne "buys" her way out of things well, I guess this time she bought herself off a hit show.

"Shut the f--- up gate" started the season off in true Housewives style. Brandi knows how to mix it up and she and Adrienne were destined for disaster from the beginning of Season 3. Once she let the cat out of the bag regarding Adrienne's family "secret," I knew we were in for a wild ride.

I didn't think it was a good decision for Kim to tell Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said especially at Mauricio's business event. She could have spoken to them privately about the whole thing and let them calm down before seeing Brandi. When Brandi said "I will cut a bitch" during the reunion, it made me laugh. Going gangster in Beverly Hills. Paul called Brandi to apologize for the legal mess. That was the right thing to do. I don't agree with Brandi outing the "secret" but their reaction was way over-the-top. I know what its like to be sued as a single mother and it is scary as hell and equally as expensive. "Friends don't sue friends". . .well, they threaten to apparently.

My favorite time watching us all have fun this season was "drunk-nastics" in Ojai. We were having a blast, laughing and acting like girls (girls over 21, that is). It makes me smile watching us be silly and laugh with one another. It doesn't make me laugh seeing my 41 year-old ass flying through the air during that round off. For a night (a late night), we dropped our swords, put our differences aside and had some laughs. . .so much so that Kyle wet herself. Did I mention she and I were sharing a room. . .and a bed! I see a Depends endorsement in the making. As I often say, we are a family, mostly Family Feud but a family nonetheless.

In the beginning of the season, I found it frustrating that Yolanda didn't seem to know much about each of us. She clearly didn't understand how our dynamics work and that we are dramatic. When she would say "these girls" or these "Beverly Hills girls" it sounded condescending. She didn't get that in sharing our reality, we have to think out loud and not hold back.

When I found out she had never watched our show prior to signing up to be on it, I was puzzled. I understood at that point why she didn't get our group dynamic but, I would never take a position without researching a company and the people I was working directly with on a daily basis. it felt disrespectful to me that she knew so little about the hit show we created that she now had the privilege of being a part of. She did admit she made a mistake not watching the show and I appreciated that. As for her attitude being a "Dutch thing," if she is going to say something, she needs to be prepared to accept the consequences and not expect for it to be overlooked because she is from another country. Lisa is as well and she doesn't use that as a pass card.

All this being said, I have many regrets about my not opening up to her in the beginning. I wasn't in a good place and certainly wasn't ready to make new friends. She says she was on guard meeting all of us well, I was on guard as well. My trust in people was shattered and seeing her beautiful life while mine was crashing down around me was making it really difficult. I apologized and I owed that to her. I am in a good place now and my heart is open. Yolanda and I have begun to get to know one another and I look forward o the opportunity to forge a friendship.

I went through a difficult time when I wasn't "coping" well. I was terrified everyday as to how I was going to get through the litigation. I was grieving, and I was angry at the world. I was self-medicating with alcohol and not wanting to "feel." Kennedy was the light that kept me going everyday. She is and always has been my first priority. She is well-cared for by me, a nanny, and my parents. She is surrounded by love. Kyle has become like a second mother to her, and I am thankful that she has others who love and support her. She and Portia are like sisters and watching them grow up together is a joy.

For the last time, lets go through this. My nanny was instructed to stop by Kyle's house to get Kennedy's iPad and then take Kennedy to meet my mother for a sleepover at her home. I was going to Kim's that evening so Kennedy was to stay with my parents. When the nanny stopped at Kyle's, (we live in the same neighborhood and we spend a great deal of time at her home) Kyle asked if Kennedy could stay and play and then go to Kim's. She planned to see me there so she didn't think it would be a big deal. No one called me about the change of plans so, I was surprised to hear Kyle say she was with her. Simple misunderstanding, moving on.

Kim and I do not socialize outside of the show. She knows very little about me. I have friends that care for me and expressed concern about my coping. I appreciated that and took their advice to heart. As for Kim saying she was scared for me and that is was hard for her to be around me, well thats how she made all of us feel for a very long time. Rather than saying we didn't want to be around her, we protected her time and time again. She has never reached out to me off-camera, period.

I do have a new love in my life and no, his divorce is not final yet. . .these things take time. As Yolanda said, assets can take years to divide. We are extremely happy and Kennedy is thrilled to have a father figure in her life. They have a beautiful relationship and she is witnessing for the first time what a healthy relationship looks like. I feel for Brandi that she was pregnant and Eddie was cheating on her repeatedly. Our situation is much different and I think Brandi is starting to understand that.

Andy's prank was hilarious. We really thought a new housewife, maybe Leanne, was about to walk in the room.

Lisa is right. Her relationship with Kyle has changed. This is a tough one for me because I care for each of them. The same happened for me with Adrienne. I thought we were friends and then she lied about being my child's godmother on the Season 1 reunion. I was so shocked, I didn't react at the time. Then, she didn't support me during Season 2 regarding the abuse. I just couldn't look at her the same after that. I realized that the friendship I thought we had was never a real friendship and that it would never be as I had thought. Kyle wants to bury the hatchet between them and go back to how things use to be but, I am not sure we ever get to go back. Feelings get damaged and they just don't heal. Kyle and Lisa care for one another and my hope is that they will get past the struggles. Kyle and I have differing views on Adrienne but it hasn't come between us. We are a group of friends and we are not all going to get along. It's tough to be on one side of an issue while your friend is on the other. Adrienne is not the root of their issues but, I do think she played a role in dividing them further this year. Its going to take time, that's for sure.

I wasn't in Paris so, I wasn't privy to what Yolanda said in regard to Lisa in the airport. I know there was more to the story than what has been covered thus far. Maybe next week we will get to the bottom of it. Kyle doesn't lie, I can tell you that.

Who knew a couch could be so uncomfortable!

Until next week,

Kisses xx

Lisa R.: I Couldn't Be More in My Element

Lisa R. talks about the Palm Springs trip and seeing Lisa V. in a nightie. 

Well, here we are again!

Watching Yolanda deal with Bella’s DUI was such a lesson for all of us parents, wasn’t it? We do the best we can to raise our sweet babies, and we must trust our own hearts that we did the best we could. Our kids, as are we, are human beings, and we all make mistakes. One of the most difficult parts of parenthood is actually watching our kids make these mistakes, learn from them, and move on as wiser individuals. Considering what a phenomenal mom Yolanda is to her girls, I had zero doubt that she would handle this difficult situation with so much strength, grace, and dignity.

There were a couple moments with Kim that were quite moving, I thought. The first being the unique and timeless relationship that she shares with Monty. The fact that they began as friends at such a young age, married and had Brooke, divorced, and came out on the other side as best friends so many years later is something to be respected. Their bond is quite obviously a tight one and to watch their transition from kids in love to where they are now is most definitely a tug on the heart strings. My own father, who I love with all of my heart, is 92, and the time I have left with him is so precious. It’s so important that I find joy during what seems to be some of the last times I may have with my dad, and I think it’s great that Kim and Monty were able to share in the joy of Brooke’s wedding. And of course, Brooke looked stunning in her Mark Zunino wedding dress.

The other moment I enjoyed was when Kim, Kyle, and Kathy were together in front of Kathy’s house just before the ceremony. I enjoyed watching the three sisters step into their roles in support of one another, and to see them walk into the house arm in arm was powerful.

Speaking of Kyle, I have to admit that I really look forward to watching her at home with her family. Watching them run around in fear of being late, wondering who stole whose eyeliner, but still managing to pull it all together in the last moments is so reflective of my own household. Clearly, I totally get what it’s like to live in a house with only one man and all girls. It’s kind of a controlled chaos around here when we’re all trying to get ready, but it’s also what makes our house and family so much fun, and that’s what I see when I watch Kyle and her family at home, too. It’s full of laughter and love with just the right amount of chaos sprinkled in.

I said it last week and I’ll say it again this week, I’m loving watching Eileen’s family. Despite knowing Eileen for so many years, I’ve really only gotten to know Eileen as Eileen. Not Eileen as wife and mother at home with her family, and it’s really cool to watch. OK, is anyone going to be shocked when I say that I especially dig Eileen’s hustle? She’s got so many balls that she’s juggling in the air, yet she seems to have them all under control. I know firsthand how hard it is to work on a soap opera, and boy do I applaud her. I mean, really. It’s not an easy thing, and to see the picture of her in her dressing room with Baby Jesse took me right back to when I would bring my own six-month Amelia to Soap Talk with me.

I actually felt as if I was invited by the queen to sit on her royal court for the day, and let me tell you, it is was so much fun! 

Lisa Rinna

Finally, let’s talk about the time I spent in Palm Springs with Lisa V. and her amazing friends and beautiful family. You want to know what it felt like? I actually felt as if I was invited by the queen to sit on her royal court for the day, and let me tell you, it is was so much fun! Between our dinner table conversation about our non-Brazilian bushes, Lisa looking like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue in her pink nightie at 7 am, and watching Lisa accept her star, the time we spent in Palm Springs was perfect. Lisa’s friends are always such a blast to be around, and of course, I always love when I get to see Lance Bass. He and I go way back, thanks to our mutual friend Joey Fatone, and I just adore him.

Despite the fact that it was 110 degrees at 9 am when the ceremony began, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to rival the Wicked Witch’s scene of literally melting in her heels, I couldn’t be more in my element of standing by my friend’s side, cheering her on as she was awarded with a star for all of her exceptional work within the LGBT community. I love seeing women succeed, and Lisa really empowers this wonderful community to have a voice, and she continuously supports their lifestyle and rights. It’s an understatement to simply say I was honored to be a part of this special event. While Lisa and I may tease one another incessantly on Twitter (did you see our Twitter War over the color pink last week?) our bond is a special one, and for that I am eternally grateful!

I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season, and I’ll meet you back here next week!



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