Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 15:'s Editor wants to take everyone to Starbucks -- in Paris.

on Feb 25, 2013

Swan Lake
Meanwhile at Swan Lake, Lisa and Ken are pondering the different sorts of swans swimming. This is a delightful metaphor for Lisa's relationship with her stepson, Warren, and his slightly elder wife, Sue (who was once a BFF of Lisa). While initially Lisa's swan was unhappy, the swans are all getting along now perfectly so she can jet of to Saint Tropez to hang with everyone incident-free. The bigger issues is, of course, whatever will Gig wear?!?

Speaking of civilized relationships between awkward dating situations, Yolanda and Mohammed are so cheerfully friendly that she's throwing a party at the abode she designed for him. God bless these two for splitting up and keeping it so delightfully kind. Surely they must have some handbook for amicable divorces in the works.

With all that love flowing around, the stars somehow aligned that Lisa, Kyle, and Yolanda were going to be in Paris at the same time. And so then, shouldn't everyone be in Paris? Ah the life. If three out of seven Housewives are there, shouldn't they all be? With that kind of quorum book a plane ticket!

However, it can't all be booking full rows of planes with a smile. Before Yolanda took to Kayak, Orbitz, or what have you to help the other ladies book their tickets, she took this opportunity to very bluntly ask Taylor what the deal is with the rumors she's heard behind her back. Yolanda just wants to go to Starbucks with her. Can't they work it over with a latte? Just a Trenta to clear the air? Kyle does clear up that it's not about Yolanda, but about David and his relationship with Linda. Somehow I doubt this will be the last time Yolanda offers Taylor a Starbucks gift card to sort this out. Cake pops anyone?