Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 6:'s editor ponders if Ms. Glanville has gone to far in her fight with Adrienne.

on Dec 10, 2012

Hello my BHers. After the girls-gone-wild antics of Ojai, did you think we'd have another week of love fests? A jubilant episode filled with water gun fights and egg tosses back in the 90210 zip? Sadly that’s only half the case. Eggs were tossed, but they were far secondary to the accusations that were hurtled about. Let's recap.

I Am The Egg Man
We open with sweet Mauricio once again pranking someone to present them with a new car. It's a little confusing why he decided eggs would be such a good rouse for this one, but it worked. Congrats Alexis, aren't you glad that you aren't the subject of high school bullying, but instead are the owner of a sweet new ride? See, Mauricio made that gift even more delightful! The only way it could have been better would have been if Mauricio had toilet papered the car. Or perhaps put Alexis' underwear in the freezer as just an additional prank.

Next we see Brandi having a sitdown with her dear gay-gent. She's still shocked that the other ladies, despite their oodles of money, can't just be happy for her. She's also a little shocked that she has to put her picture on her tome. Oh Brandi, you goof. Of course people want to see your face. You using the F-word in the title is not enough for them to recognize that it's your book! However, if you can't get them to publish the title with the F-word, Truth Cannon is a fairly great alternate title.

You Got SUR-ved
Next we see Lisa prepping for a menu tasting at Sur. She's beginning the evening slightly miffed as one of her servers has pissed off a VIP client. After attempting to get some backstory from her boyfriend Jax, Lisa laws down the law with dear Stassi. Because she was drinking and then giving customers attitude, Lisa sends her home. Don't mess with the Pump, girl. I'm not sure if you've heard, but it's her rules and all.