Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 6:'s editor ponders if Ms. Glanville has gone to far in her fight with Adrienne.

on Dec 10, 2012

Things Get Real (Estate)
Next, the gang gathers together at one of Mauricio's major listings. Camille's brought her new beautiful (seriously, those curls) man Dmitri. Also, I must say tha the unit Mauricio is selling is ridic. Camille might not need a love nest, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to have one. Everyone needs a place for their boyfriend to "breakdance with their underwear on," which is apparently a thing Camille asks him to do.

After all that discussion of topless dancing, Adrienne arrives and is quickly greeted by Kim. You see, Kim isn't one for secrets, and so she decides to tell Adrienne what was said about her at Sur. . .

Paul is immediately incensed. Adrienne immediately mentions a lawsuit. This is heavy duty stuff. Kim tries to calm them down, realizing that perhaps this might not have been the best time. Sweet Kim just wanted them to know what happened -- not necessarily to cause World War III. Sadly, once the train left the station there was no turning back.

There's a lot of threats of touching, lawsuits, fingers in faces, swearing on children, lying accusations. It's pretty much the ideal environment for Mauricio to sell real estate (just kidding). At one point Adrienne says that Brandi is "full of drugs." Brandi accuses Adrienne's employees of saying negative things about here, only to have Adrienne say Brandi's employees do the same thing, only to have Brandi mention that she doesn't have employees. It was one of the more vocal and untamed fights we've head in Bev Hills.

Adrienne storms out, leaving the party in tatters, and the women to deal with the repercussions. And what will happen next? Brandi swears it’s just going to get worse. Yikes.

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