Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 9:'s Editor wonders why belly dancing couldn't solve Brandi and Adrienne's legal troubles.

on Jan 14, 2013

Mo-Rock Around the Clock
The crux of this episode is the ladies assembling for a Moroccan-themed dinner (I hope they learned the proper behaviors form their NYC sisters). Kyle is worried Marisa hasn't seen the ladies in their most positive light because of her dinner party, which is perhaps why she's so concerned that everyone has the proper panties on.

But even with everyone wearing their most appropriate kaftans, things were not going to go smoothly. Brandi arrives and announces that she knows Paul and Adrienne won't be attending because she heard from her lawyer. Lawyer you say? Ah, yes, Paul and Adrienne are threatening to sue Brandi as it turns out, lest she go to a meeting and sign an agreement saying she won't speak about certain things about them again. . . .

This talk is temporarily quieted when the rest of the ladies arrive -- and ask Kim if she remembers her plans to master cleanse with Yolanda. Kim doesn't recall this appointment, so perhaps someone master cleansed her datebook? Who knows? Anyway Kim wants to eat right now, and pepper might not be enough sustenance.

Pause belly dance break. . .