Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 10:'s Editor doesn't hold a grudge against Mauricio, Mohammed, or the mannequins.

on Jan 18, 2013

Let's just talk for a second about the array of plastic people in the world. Did you know that such a plethora of plastic people were available? There are gold mannequins, white mannequins, flesh-toned mannequins, mannequins in strangely sexual positions, mannequins that don't require a seatbelt. Kyle thankfully had Faye to help her sort out the myriad options and to make sure they are buckled in properly -- and of course to help her create the perfect store. I'm excited to see how Kyle's shop turns out. Hopefully the mannequins are fierce enough to support her threads.

Speaking of fine human specimens, we move to dinner with a few real ones -- Brandi, Marisa, her brother, and Marisa's very handsome husband Dean. Marisa doesn't think Dean is as attractive as what she was looking for but she guesses he'll do. As it turns out, that comment might even be a dig at herself. You see Marissa and Dean might have a little of that "brother/sister" thing going on, and I have to agree. They do favor each other -- not in a creepy never kiss way, but in a "Oh I see it now that you say it way." But no matter, they are a very attractive couple. And Dean can rock layers like nobody’s business. Nice plaid shirt/hoodie/blazer combo Mr. Zanuck.

Over dinner Marisa and Brandi discuss an upcoming trip to Vegas. You see Brandi has been invited to teach a class on female empowerment through stripping, which is obviously the next wave of Gertrude Stein's dreams. And so when she heads to an art gallery show with the gals, she extends an invite even to Kyle. What could bring them together like "Brandi's Night School Out for Girls"? Kyle is feeling the love and says yes, while Taylor abstains. If this is anything like prior trips to Vegas with these gals, next week should be a real delight. Though it is upsetting to know that Taylor won't be on hand to teach everyone how to eat cotton candy.