Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 10:'s Editor doesn't hold a grudge against Mauricio, Mohammed, or the mannequins.

on Jan 18, 2013

Is This Happiness?
The best of part of this gallery show perhaps wasn't the art (though it was amazing), but seeing Darling Ken spending some time with the tallest ladies of Beverly Hills. I'm glad that his moment with his hand in the cookie jar was captured both by the Bravo cameras and by Yolanda's cell phone. Also, I hope Yolanda always says "put your boobies in his face" instead of "say cheese" when she is taking a picture.

We also got to see a visit from Ms. Paris Hilton who Kyle admonishes for not keeping her as in the know as TMZ. I have the same problem with my niece (she's six and very precocious).

But after Ken's moment of zen among the models, he has a bit of an awkward run-in with Mauricio. Mauricio is trying to mend fences with gin, but he and Lisa are on the way out to dinner. Even with them being on the run, it seems like things were a touch tense between the gang. Mauricio even remarks how odd it all was. I don't like all this simmering tension. It worries me for what's to come.

Thankfully things look to be all vagina jokes and stripper poles in Vegas next week, so we have that to anticipate. What did you think of this week kiddos? Should Ken have been more gracious with that gin? Do you think Kim should close that ghost portal? Leave it in the comments.