Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 4:'s Editor ponders Adrienne's apology, sleeping arrangements, and Ojai.

on Nov 26, 2012

Ojai! (See what I did there, it’s pronounced "Oh Hi.")

Anyway, homonym aside, our 'Wives took to the open road, for a relaxing spa vacay with the whole gang. But before that Lisa and Adrienne tried to get their Maloof hoofs back on the right foot. Let's recap.

You're Beautiful
We open with Lisa and Adrienne sitting down to discuss Ad's floral peace offering and all that goes along with it. you could tell Adrienne was really hoping to mend fences, because she offered up several compliments to Lisa from the get-go and squirmed ever so slightly (at least according to Lisa's assessment). I know that when I am nervously offering a mea culpa, I always offer several aesthetic compliments. It's the kind of confidence-inducing bait-and-switch folks don't mind.

After making her wiggle a little (and apologize a lot), Lisa forgives Adrienne. However, it seems like it's heavy on the forgive, and lean on the forget, as Lisa thinks their relationship is forever changed, and Adrienne’s still waiting on her apology. . .brother.


Next we see everyone's favorite domestic goddess Martha Stewart Yolanda Foster. She's folding clothes in anticipation of Miss Kim Richards arrival. Before I address their conversation, I just want to go on record that I bet anyone five dollars that Yolanda can fold a fitted sheet perfectly. She just seems like someone who mastered that deeply difficult skill. Anyway, Kim is planning a trip to Ojai for all the gals. It's going to be a beautiful zen-like excursion. . .hopefully. Yolanda mentions she's a little rusty on the girls' trip protocol, so I hope Kim gave her a full rundown on avoiding conflict, packing light (yet also including escape clothes), etc.