Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 4:'s Editor ponders Adrienne's apology, sleeping arrangements, and Ojai.

on Nov 26, 2012

Brandi Glanville, Accomplished Author and Model
Like all great literary giants, Brandi's best work was born of pain. You see, as she struggled with her divorce she wrote all her problems out. Realizing she's not the only lady who has been in a public divorce covered breathlessly by the tabloids, she decided that that info might be useful to the rest of the free world. And so, she wants to share those little pearls of wisdom with the world in bound book format.

The only problem: putting those pearls out under a title that involves the words "divorce" and "cancer." But with a little tweaking, a more conservative business suit, and perhaps a few dates netted by her main book man Michael, things are looking positive. Hoorah for Brandi being added to the illustrious list of Housewives with tomes! Fingers crossed she doesn't make any jokes about her fellow ladies in the dedication (also called, Teresa Giudice syndrome).

Next we see Brandi giving some serious face at a photo shoot for Beverly Hills Lifestyle. Lisa hooked her up with a gig (which will hopefully lead to even more gigs, and more fodder for her book). Lisa and Brandi being BFFs just gets continually more precious, with Lisa calming Brandi's nerves about her thumb wrinkles and her relationship with Kim. But as much fun as all that smizing and knees together business is, Brandi has go to rush. She is also off to Ojai as Lisa's guest. . . Yes, even though this is a Kim Richards' planned trip, Miss Glanville is welcome. Perhaps this will be the beginning of them building a bridge to friendship? Or at least speaking? Or at least not saying "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?" at each other.

Invite Only
And so the ladies begin to arrive for Kim's trip. As Taylor points out, this is monumental stuff here. Kim is not only showing up for an event -- but planning it. And as Kim says, she's opening herself up to mending her side of the fence with Brandi, even if it's something she doesn't particularly want to do. (Related: do fences have sides? Or isn't it one-dual-sided entity).