Yolanda H. Foster

Yolanda weighs in on the Brandi/Adrienne conflict.

on Feb 11, 2013

Taylor is getting best dressed at the tea party; she looked stunning and I enjoyed watching her. By the way, that was an incredibly beautiful tea party. I have never seen anything like it… Wish I could have been there to eat all my favorite foods! (Well maybe not…)

We all know Lisa has impeccable taste, and Ken and Giggy are the icing on the cake making her look even better.

Knowing and feeling for Dean’s mother, I can only say I hope Marisa will never hear a woman speak about her own son the way she speaks of her husband. We all have our crosses to bear and even in my life behind the big house, ocean views, and lemon trees, life isn’t always as pristine and perfect as Marisa says it is in her blog post last week. But I do wash my dirty laundry in the laundry room where it belongs and protect those I love.

Anyway this is it for now. Thanks for visiting my blog, more to come next week…

Much love,