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Who is Faye?

Yolanda doesn't think all the 'Wives or pitbulls, nor does she think Faye should get involved in Housewives drama.

Hi everyone! That was a fast week wasn't it?

First of all thank you so much for all of your support and well wishes! My treatment is going strong but as many of you warned me, the Herxheimer reaction is a tough battle. I am optimistic though -- I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Yesterday, I visited my best friend Ellie. She is battling ALS and starring death straight in the eye which really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

When I watched today's episode, I had a very hard time relating. It makes me sad to see such turmoil and disrespect in my new group of friends, especially knowing they are all coming from a place of hurt and they are having difficulty communicating. I am really hoping that one day they are ready to start living in the moment and move on from all these past issues.

Please know that my observations come from a place of love and kindness. My goal is to give constructive criticism and hopefully not seem judgmental. So here it goes. . .

Paul is understandably upset and should defend his wife, but under no circumstance is it acceptable for a man to use such strong language with the intent of intimidating a woman. Brandi should have never said what she said because, even if it is the truth, it's a family matter that should have been respected. We have all agreed that Brandi should pause before speaking -- she even admits that herself. But, like I said last week, you will see in the upcoming episodes that she does try and make numerous attempts to apologize.

Adrienne threatening Brandi with a lawsuit is so ridiculous and such an act of intimidation. Could she be so insecure that she can't solve a disagreement with a girlfriend? Who calls a lawyer to fix personal problems like that? I guess money is not an object for her. I would take my friend to Starbucks and work it out before spending $500 an hour on a lawyer.

Kyle seems to be very close to Adrienne so I am surprised she did not call her girlfriend immediately after lunch when the remark was made at the restaurant. Reporting this conversation at Mauricio's event could and should have been avoided.

I have gotten to know Mauricio and he seems to be such a nice man that works extremely hard. He did not deserve this and everyone is wondering why Brandi did not send flowers and an apology to Adrienne? What about some flowers for Mauricio? Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions. We all screw up, but how we recover is what is most important.

I appreciate Kim finding her voice and speaking her mind, but I do believe this was not the appropriate venue to report what Brandi had said about Adrienne. Especially because Brandi was 20 feet away when she decided to spill the beans. Kim lit the match and the fireworks were explosive. Lisa and Ken crack me up! The way they interact is so playful and refreshing. "Another cup of tea, darling?" Hilarious.

I loved seeing Kim work out with her daughters, enjoying their time together and then celebrating her son's birthday. It's nice to see how her family pulled together and gave her a great support system. It's also sweet to see her kids' optimistic encouragement!

Watching myself exercise makes me laugh. I remember thinking how annoying it was getting up at 6:30 to work out, and today just going up and down the stairs for breakfast feels like Olympic training! Now, I am taking one day at a time. . .putting one foot in front of the other. . .I know it's easier said then done, but remember guys, don't take your health for granted!

I had never worked out with a trainer before. However, David and I both wanted to be in great shape for our wedding so we asked Dale to start working out with us 6 months before our wedding. I honestly never knew I could push my body that hard. David was out of town when this was filmed but we have grown to love our three-day per week workout together as a couple.

Lisa is such a class act. She is a straight shooter, wonderful at grounding Brandi and always giving her good advice. Both women have unfortunately had unpleasant experiences with Adrienne so they have a mutual understanding about the whole situation.

Now, who is this Faye, and more importantly, why is she not minding her own business? I am not certain why she wanted to put herself into the line of fire with Brandi and Adrienne. This matter is so not her business. I can't imagine inviting my best friend to a Housewives' dinner and having her insult my other guests. It is so obvious that she has only heard Kyle's side of the story without taking into account that there are always three sides to every story. . .in this case Brandi's, Adrienne's, and the truth. Marisa on the other hand, seemed very nice. She made a polite attempt to speak after hearing the dinner conversation, and Faye rudely interrupted her.

Anyway, I think there are lessons we can all learn from tonight's episode. Try and solve problems as quickly as possible. Trash talk is poison, and, sorry Kyle, but we are not all pitbulls. Life is hard enough as it is. Let's learn to play nicely and cherish our friendships.

I need to finish decorating my tree so bye everyone. I wish you happy holidays from our home to yours and I pray that each day, love, health and happiness will come your way!

Kyle: Kim and Monty's Relationship Is Unique

Kyle talks the wedding and the beautiful examples of co-parenting surrounding her.

Sorry I'm late on my blog! Holiday craziness is in full effect.

I really enjoyed the time we spent with Yolanda on the boat. It was nice to be away from Los Angeles and just have some bonding time. I felt for Yolanda and could feel how nervous she was, regarding Bella. She wanted to get home to her and felt helpless in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Once home, it was nice to see what a wonderful stepfather David is to Yolanda's kids. I think it's admirable how Yolanda, David and Mohamed co-parent. A wonderful example of how blended families should be.

Eileen is great. It's so sweet how much she loves her niece. I also love my sister's girls like my own and can relate. Also, as a mom of all girls, I enjoy watching the mother and son relationship.

It's fun to see Eileen in her soap opera setting. She has been doing this a long time and is obviously great at what she does--with an Emmy to prove it!

Lisa V. getting her Star in Palm Springs is an honor I know she must be very proud of. Her name forever imprinted on the streets of a town I absolutely love.
And back to being a mom of boys, I can't say I blame Lisa V. for not loving that Max's girlfriend is so much older. Especially when in our minds, as mothers, they are always children. Even if they are "adults." 

We returned early from Europe, because Brooke had decided to move her wedding date up to make sure her father was strong enough to attended due to his health. It was supposed to be six months later. We hadn't chosen dresses for the wedding, yet, so I sent some pictures of dresses to Brooke for approval first. Although a somewhat "impromptu " wedding, it was absolutely beautiful. The bride and mother of the bride were radiant.

Kim and Monty's relationship is unique. They are truly best friends, and I so admire Kim's dedication to him.

Kyle Richards

Our family has known Thayer's family for almost 30 years. I was at the hospital when Thayer and his identical twin brother Taylor were born. Taylor and my daughter Farrah dated for eight years. I love them and their family and am so happy to have them be an official part of our family now.

Kim and Monty's relationship is unique. They are truly best friends, and I so admire Kim's dedication to him. They are both so lucky to have each other. Seeing the pictures of them so young and as new parents brought tears to my eyes. Kim and Monty are another beautiful example of co-parenting after divorce.

And lastly, yes, I did buy Chanel dog bowls. Hopefully they can't read what it says, because I am trying to keep them grounded and down to earth (wink, wink).


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