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Yolanda's Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished

Yolanda only wanted to help Kim, but she feels like her kindness backfired.

Hello Bravo lovers, I don't know about you but I love this episode in Paris. . .the beauty of the city, the architecture, the colors. It makes for incredible television. Just walking down the streets gives me great pleasure and always inspires me. I am glad we could share it with you.

Seeing B and I skipping along the Seine just made me so happy because that's what girlfriend time should be like. It was probably the first time you saw the real me with my guard down because she makes me feel safe to be myself.

I have been quite reserved, probably as a defense mechanism. It has taken me time to trust and figure out who has my back in this group.

My time with Brandi in Paris was my favorite time of this whole season, we have so much in common and I just love her honesty she is a good woman and we have been great friends ever since.

Brandi is very independent and knows Paris. I felt the need to be momma bear and keep an eye on Kim. I felt protective of her because I could see she was struggling and having a tough time.

Kyle was occupied with her husband and enjoying the city of love and romance as they should.

Lisa and Ken spent the morning with Kim and then took Giggy and I on a double date; I had never dated someone that famous. . .Everyone on the street recognized Giggy and even though I missed my hubby, I enjoyed my date with that little pooch.

I texted with Kim in the morning and then again later in the afternoon. I knew she was fine, but I was surprised when she wasn't there on time to leave for dinner. Kim was obviously having issues, but when I went into her room it was very clear to me that she had overslept and was maybe dealing with a chemical imbalance or a mixture of the wrong medication. Her room was perfect and there was not any evidence that she had been drinking.

Knowing Kim's doctor very well, she had given me permission to talk to him and see if there was any explanation of why she was feeling so tired and nauseous, so I tried to help her figure out why she was not feeling well. Anyway, I tried to be a good friend and support her but all was forgotten once we were back in L.A. Funny how quickly some people can forget sincere acts of kindness.

Anyway, I am starting to get the hang of this.

The problems between Kyle and Kim are so obvious in Paris but at the end of the day, they are sisters and they will defend and protect each other, as sisters should!

On our ride to the cooking class, Lisa was trying to be lighthearted and joke -- but Kim was uncomfortable and sensitive about having slept for most of the day.

I wish once we got to the cooking class that Lisa would have dropped it because seeing her bring it up to Kyle and then Mauricio with Kim in the room, did not make things any better.

The French cooking class was great idea, it just started off a little rough but we ended up having a nice time.

I promise you that even though Lisa organized it, she was not aware of the menu.

The duck heads did not go over very well and I don't believe any of us ate very much except for Ken and Mauricio because they did not see it.

The chef was head over heels for B. It was hard for him to stay focused on the duck l’Orange. FYI, I won't be making that dish at home anytime soon.

When Kim, Kyle, and I went shopping the next day, I really enjoyed my time with them and thought we had a nice time. Kim was still hurt about the night before and they both expressed their concerns about Lisa and their perception of what went down in their relationships with her. I meant when I said maybe she does not care anymore. . .

At this point, Lisa has been let down by Kyle so many times that the truth is that at some point you stop caring. . .What is so hard to understand?

I believe the only thing constant in life is change, that's just the way it is, no? Lets not confuse this with gossip its a clear fact that has been stated over and over again by Lisa herself.

Lisa and I have known each other for a couple of years and have a mutual respect for one another. She is a very smart woman that knows how to maneuver in this group better than any of us and she has done it successfully with integrity and loyalty to her friends.

Lisa was with her husband in Paris and her focus was obviously not on Kim.

I tried to be a friend to Kyle and we talked about how important it was to have that heart to heart with Lisa. Let's move on already and accept the fact that their relationship has changed; obviously they still love each other. That's why we saw them kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower. But things have changed and yes Brandi did take her place, but so what? There are many different shapes of friendships to be had.

I loved it when Mauricio gave Kim the bag; I thought that was such a sweet gesture. Obviously we will never understand all of the family dynamics. And furthermore, it is not our business.

Unfortunately, the love and time I put into Kim on this wonderful trip to Paris was soon forgotten once back in LA as the reality of the story was changed.

Thank god I can go to sleep at night knowing I live my life with great integrity and like I have to remind myself, we sometimes can't be best friends with everyone.

I guess a good deed never goes unpunished, and I wish the sisters well and hope they can find a solution on how to make their relationship work. I continue to keep rooting for Kim and wish her continued success in her journey.

With that said, have a great week,


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