Brandi Glanville

Brandi can't believe the back-and-forth Lisa put Kyle through, and she talks a bit about her makeout with Carlton.

on Dec 2, 2013

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, and family. Now back to "reality." One thing I find really refreshing about the ladies of Beverly Hills is that we are not afraid to let you the viewers see the real side of us -- when we run around with no makeup on, in our gym clothes, hair a mess. I think it really does show people we're not afraid to let you in to our realities. No one is perfect, and we don't pretend to be. Most of us have children and have no time to sit around spending our time and money getting our hair and makeup done when it's not for a special event.

Watching this episode I started crying the second I saw Chica my puppy who went missing. Other then her obvious bathroom issues, she was the sweetest dog on the planet. I miss her every day and she will be missed forever. I spoke to my mom on the phone about my grandma's hip surgery and my upcoming book signing in Sacramento (my hometown), which also happened to fall on my father's birthday. At this point, my father and I are still not talking, and he is still having serious health issues with his heart. Ugh!

I am really feeling sorry for Kyle at this point with the ongoing, back-and-forth stance Lisa is taking about the Mauricio cheating scandal. Yes, we have all talked about it, and I myself even brought it up at lunch. But we all agreed it was BS. Months ago when it first came out, Lisa said she didn't know if the stories were true or not, which leaves people doubting Mauricio. Then she brought it up in front of Kyle and Mauricio's five year-old-daughter Portia, which was so inappropriate. When I brought it up to the group at Carlton's lunch, Lisa cut Yolanda off in the middle of her sentence and said "you mean there is no smoke with out fire," but then added she knew it was all rubbish. Which is it??? Now again sitting talking with Ken (knowing full well the ramifications) says she doesn't know if it is true or not and that they will never really know the truth.

I'm with Ken on this one, you should always let a friend know about harmful gossip, because it sucks to have people talking behind your back. You should always support and believe a friend (even a not-so-close-friend like Kyle and I were). Families first, middle age b----y-ness second.