Brandi Glanville

Brandi attempts to clarify her issues with Joyce and why she got sick in Kim Richards' bathroom.

on Jan 13

We start this episode with Kim and Kyle getting pedicures and bikini waxes while hanging out with their adorable daughters. When the wax lady pulled out giant dildos, all I could think was "Ew don't touch them! Lord know's where they have been." It was fun to see Kyle and Kim laughing and getting along like sisters should.

Carlton asked me and some of her other girlfriends to meet up for a pole dancing lesson before we went over to Kimberly's graduation party. Although Kim and I were not super close at this point, I honestly couldn't remember a time since I've known her that she had hosted anything, so I was definitely not going to miss it.

Carlton had a few drinks before our class. I was not on the same level, but almost instantly I starting feeling dizzy and nauseous. I assumed it was motion sickness from the poles spinning. But later I spiked a fever and was throwing up for the next day-and-a-half, so I think its safe to assume I caught some sort of bug and it wasn't just motion sickness.