Carlton Gebbia

Carlton rolls her eyes at Brandi’s accusations that Lisa manipulates her or anyone else.

on Mar 10

Beverly Hills Centennial event was also our final party and another exhausting affair. When we arrived the Beverly Hilton Hotel, it looked amazing. Surprisingly although outside it wasn't even cold, I knew chill fronts would no doubt be making their appearance.

I was pretty sure tonight was going to be difficult for Lisa since this was the first time she was seeing everyone together since Puerto Rico. And here we go again -- Kyle demanding that never ending apology from Lisa. When will it bloody end, seriously where is her perception of reality? Blaming Lisa for Puerto Rico, getting ugly, saying that it was in her hands was very unfair. Let's be honest Kyle could have stepped in at anytime and stopped the asinine madness, but no, she sat back gleefully quiet and enjoyed her stirrings. Not a friend.

I do at the very least hope that Lisa and Yolanda make peace. They are both so strong and self assured and successful women. They have always been so kind and supportive of me and sometimes it's a little hard to find myself adoring both and knowing they are having a rough spot with each other presently. As I've said before, these women have a history together, but my experiences with them personally determine how I feel about them.

With regards to Ken and Yolanda, unfortunately because he was already riled up from Puerto Rico's unpleasant fiasco and knowing how devastated Lisa was feeling, the minute he felt it was about to happen again he stepped in not truly seeing this was not the same situation. Yes, it got blown way out of proportion and unfortunately Ken calling Yolanda stupid was bad judgement. It was a rough night.